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  1. Are you playing in windowed mode? You have to change it back to full to make board requests, because a lot of panels and info just flat up disappear in windowed mode if your resolution isn't high enough, including requests.
  2. I had this young Irish regen defender when I was playing as Bromley in the Premier League. He had a ridiculous average rating of like 8.5 and won I think it was 15 man of the match awards in one season, but his value was only £5 million and I never once had any offers for him, probably due to his CA/PA only being 124/124, which shows how flawed the transfer system is.
  3. That sounds about right for Dinamo Moscow, their average gate this season has been 8,400, while their stadium has a capacity of 18,636. In fact you're doing better in the game than they are in real life!
  4. It's 45% on £150k in the UK, and I always assumed it was on six figures in other countries. Never have I heard of such a top rate of tax on such a low figure. Didn't Gerard Depardieu relocate to Belgium to escape high taxes? Surely 50% on anything above 34k is worse than 75% on anything above 1 million?
  5. Not if the agent wrecks a move to a top club by being a douchebag in negotiations, then I imagine the player would be a bit upset. Also it's a bit unfair to paint all players as greedy sods, there's still a few dozen in the world that are decent people...
  6. Have I read that screenshot wrong, or is there actually a 50% tax band on income over 34,000 Euros in Belgium?!
  7. Sometimes I can't be bothered to play the match so I just holiday for a day, but the Ass Man very really uses any subs, which is annoying to say the least, because it means three players didn't get potential playing time. You'd think when your losing 4-0 at home, that's a good a time as any to make some changes, but apparently my ass man knows better. Is there anyway to sort him out? Also I noticed with that the 4-3-2-1 Tika-Taka tactic I use the ass man barely gets 50% possession during games even when he wins, but when I manage the game myself my team normally gets about 65-70% possesion during games that I win, any ideas why the big difference?
  8. 1st, 1st, 3rd, 4th, now 6th in my current season just gone Christmas. Have drawn four games in a row to compliment losing three in a row. Not liking the downward projectory.
  9. Nah, as I said, the only notable signings they've made are David Alaba and Yohan Cabaye, the latter they later fobbed off to Real Madrid after two seasons. They did sign Gaston Ramirez since I made the OP, but still in three seasons they've now pawned off £132 million worth of players, while spending just £53 million.
  10. Just started a full game for the first time (usually play FMC) as Bromley, but I'm subscribed to Man Utd since I'm a fan, and in just over one year ( ie. 3 transfer windows) they've sold Anderson to Juventus, Fletcher to PSG, Hernandez and Valencia to Real Madrid, Buttner to Norwich, Chris Smalling to Tottenham, Cleverly to Chelsea, Henriquez to Lyon, Evra to PSG, Young to AC Milan, and Fabio and Welbeck to Tottenham. All were for well below their market value despite many not being transfer listed (I think only Anderson and Fabio were). In the mean time, the only notable reinforcements United have brought in are David Alaba and Yohan Cabaye (who they then sold to Real Madrid a season later). What's going on? Is Football Manager Fergie intent on turning United into a feeder club? Sort of irks me a little bit as a United fan to see the game totally destroy them.
  11. Well the Premier League averages around 2.8 goals per game. Granted, you're right, more goals are being scored right now than a few years ago, however there's nothing to suggest that this is nothing more than an 'attacking' era and won't peter out as defensive tactics catch up. I certainly can't see the goal growth continuing and continuing like it is in my game. It's probably some where up near 3.5 gls per game right now.
  12. It's got to be down to a patch update. Just checking through the previous seasons in my game, the first five seasons look normal, it's only from season six that it gets out of hand. In my 2019/20 season, four teams scored over 90 goals in the PL, to put that into perspective only three teams have ever done that in real life in the 20 years of the Premier League. Half way through the 2020/21 season, it looks like six teams will hit that mark.
  13. Why are the scores so random though? Like out of nowhere I see Man Utd get turned over 7-1 by bottom of the table Reading. Or as I said in my op, title challengers Chelsea get thrased by at least five goals three times in three weeks.
  14. I did the maths, and in the 2012/13 EPL, the ave goals per game was 2.8, pretty much in line with real life. Slowly but surely though, it's risen and is well over 3 a game. Huge scorelines are no longer even newsworthy since they happen on an almost weekly basis. There was one round of the Champions League group stages where there were three 7-0 scores, including one away from home! In the space of three weeks Chelsea have been thumped 5-0 to Man City, 6-0 to West Ham and then 5-0 to Arsenal. (Typically though despite being top of the league, my Aston Villa team never gets involved in these huge scorelines, my largest win in two seasons is 5-1, although that was away to Man City). In the Champions League knockout stages this season, Real Madrid beat Juventus 6-0 in the first leg while Juventus won 5-0 in the second leg! Chelsea actually won the whole thing last season, despite losing all of their first legs by hefty margins, because they simply won the second leg by even bigger margins. It's madness I tell ya, madness! (Seriously though, it's starting to ruin my game).
  15. What do you mean? Do you have to register before every game? Because this is a boxing day match, 19th game of the season, and I've never had any problem like this before.
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