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  1. That was the problem... Somehow I still had V1.0 installed. In V1.01 the "Declare Interest" is where it should be Thx a lot for your help and this fantastic skin!
  2. Strange... Doesn't work for me... Only shows: Make an offer / Offer Trial / Make Enquiry / Add as transfer target...
  3. First of all, thanks a lot Tom for this fantastic skin!! However, I have one (probably stupid) question: How can I declare interest in a player? In the default skin it is under "right click - Player Name" --> Transfer ---> Declare interest. Somehow I can't find it using the Steklo skin.
  4. Just finished my 1st season with Dortmund using this tactic: x) Won the league (29 W / 4 L / 1 D) - 91:30 - 88pts (22 pts ahead of Bayern Munich) x) Won the German Cup x) CL: Semi Final - Lost to Barca after a 2:1 victory at home. At Camp Nou they were awarded 2 penalties Really nice and successful tactic! Thanks a lot for your good work and for sharing your tactic! Cheers P.S. Lewandowski scored... a lot... 39 goals in 46 games (overall) 28 goals in 27 games (League)
  5. Looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for your work!!
  6. I live in Germany as well and KUBI got it exactly right. I ordered all my copies of FM with Amazon.uk (boxed) and it can be activated from Germany without any problems.
  7. Very nice! Will give it a try... thx a lot!
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