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  1. Just wanted to say thank you mate, I went for the higher graphics card as I have 16gb ram lying around just waiting to he plugged in haha so I have the best overall machine I could have gone for. It arrived the next day too! Bring on Fm 2021!
  2. Cheers for the reply mate. I like the look of the refurb tbh, what about this one? Seems similar spec? Which is better between the 2 refurb? https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/product/laptops/an-n515/
  3. Hey lads, unfortunately I'm another lost soul looking for a hand if possible, My old trusty Lenovo z50 went bang today and suffice to say I'm stressed about the already purchased fm21 being playable. So it's new laptop time, my budget is at tops around £600-£650 But I'd like it to have 1tb of space if possible. I play Fm in 3d but I've never cared about high graphics settings, if it plays smoothly enough I can accept lower settings, also, I don't expect hundreds of leagues running. Thanks in advance, Andy.
  4. I used to try to get Remy back for Newcastle every year but these days he is getting on and isn't worth it... that makes me kinda sad.
  5. Upamecano is someone i got in my 2nd season as Newcastle and he's now the best defender in the premier league in 2026
  6. I think I'm about 6 seasons in and Liverpool haven't touched the title in 3 seasons. Man Utd are the dominant team (apart from my newcastle)
  7. 1.players who constantly get high training ratings stats visibly deteriorating. (Not older players) 2.being asked about your relationship with the board every single time you get refused a request. 3.players showing up in scout reports constantly despite removing them from your shortlist and/or discarding. 4.A missed penalty being the death knell for that player. 5.Most of your team talks and shouts provoking either a negative or couldn't care less response. E.g. Newcastle against man Utd at old Trafford, Newcastle go 1-0 down, I encourage them... furious.
  8. On this year's game all crosses appear to end up high
  9. Get the in-game editor and move him to your club then adjust his contract to what you agreed? I find the in-game editor really useful for small little niggles like these and not necessarily for cheating
  10. It looks like he did keep the promise, as long as Donnarumma is better than the other keepers, job done.
  11. I recently got the most financially generous board I've ever had in my fm playing life, At Newcastle my new chairman gave me over 160m to start my 2nd season and once I spent every penny he then agreed to buy me Wonderkid Tonali! Also, he has ok'd every possible upgrade you can ask for!
  12. This is a common FM problem for me, I usually solve it by a bit of morale manipulation, praise and scold at every valid opportunity (yes, scolding a player for poor form can be better than stroking his hair telling him everything will be alright) Also, if you don't mind a bit of a gamey trick, you can regularly praise a player's conduct, they will never ever have a negative reaction and 95 percent of the time receive a sizeable morale boost.
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