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  1. tried playing FM11 online with couple of friends. It was unplayable due to lag. My question is, would it run quicker if we're in the same house playing it through a LAN? am not that clued up on networks to know the difference.
  2. Ok sound. As soon as I get someone to try it, i'll let you's know. Thanx again 1888
  3. "Allow all outgoing connections and block all incoming traffic. Games and application sharing is allowed" i assume the game and application sharing allowed is the game and application incoming traffic? no?
  4. I used the fm06 on the portforwarding. I checked the ports with the portchecker. It tested fine apart from unable to ping test. Double checked and FM is assigined to this computer. Regarding the firewall, is it a easy proccess to change settings to allow FM? as far as i'm aware its the basic firewall you get with windows vista 7 If its not to do with my firewall then i Just don't know what am doing wrong as i've followed all instructions on portchecker and tyhis forum to the letter. (apart from firewall settings) Didn't have the best time using Hamachi. ran slow for me but was ok for the host. My firewall settings are set to "Allow all outgoing connections and block all incoming traffic. Games and application sharing is allowed" Is this setting ok?
  5. Hey thanx for reply. I've used hamachi once and the game ran too slow for me to play but will give it another try. I have dual core 2gh 4gb ram using bt-hub2router (black one) I was hoping someone could advise me on the portforwarding as i've checked and double checked it. But it still not working? I don't know if it's "football manager 2011" you type in when it asks for game to forward to the ports? or is it "football manager 2006" you put in as thats the game you click on to get the ports to forward. Then i read in these forums that you have to tell your firewall to allow "fm.exe"?? is this correct? and if so how do you go about doing this?
  6. Hi sorry to bother again but needing some advice Online game not working! I've done the portforwarding, checked the ports and they said they where open but couldn't do ping test. is that ok? When you've to name the game thats directed to the ports is it "football manager 2011" you type in? Do you have to do anything to your firewall to allow a online game? and if so how do you go about this? In the prefrence section do all boxes on players game have to be ticked the same? apart from run as server i assume? (only host check that?) I was able to join a online game through Hamachi but was running very very slow. Any help would be much appreciated as it's killing me reading about other people playing online with no problems and having great online games! am choking to test my skills online!! Hopefully my saviour is on these forums somewhere
  7. Thanx. Done that so now hopefully can host game. Thanx again! 1888
  8. Is this still working as last post i see is 2009? When you goto the games in portforward I only get fm2004 2005? is it these you copy?