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  1. What are the best bargain young talents out there? I'm in the first winter window with Newcastle and I have around £40m to spend where I'm looking to sign young players like Max Aarons, Ajer and Rejavic in goal to form a young talented team without paying over the odds for players. Does anyone have any recommendations for signings in all positions especially a strong ball winning midfielder and a goal scorer (maybe Pedro)? Thanks
  2. Hi, If you disable the transfer budget for the first window, do you get the same money you would have got for the first window in the January window? i.e. If I would normally get £20m to spend at the start but disable the window to make it more realistic, is that £20m rolled to January or does it just disappear as it does if you don't spend it by the end of the season? Thanks,
  3. Is it possible to edit the database so I can have a custom start date on 18th December so I can take over United after Mourinho's sacking with all the stats up to date? I know on sortitoutsi they have a custom download file but that keeps all appearances and goals scored etc at zero when you start rather than what they would be in real life. Is there a way to create a database with a custom start date with all the up to date stats and results? Thanks
  4. If you sell a lot of the players in the first transfer window but don't spend all of the money, if you then get taken over does any takeover money get added to what you already have in the budget or does the takeover money replace this?
  5. How did you get Pedro? He didn't get a work permit for me when I tried to take on on loan in the Premier League. Does he only get the work permit if you buy him outright?
  6. So many times so far in FM19, my crosses are going out for corners. Is this a bug or are there any ways around this? My full backs have about 12 for crossing so do I just need better crossers? Even with them not being great at crossing, it seems unrealistic that so many crosses just go out for corners... Thanks,
  7. Thanks. What are the typical budgets for the second season, assuming a CL finish in season one?
  8. As above, are there any stadium background packs that work with the default FM skin? Thanks
  9. Hi, I've just installed FM19 and when setting up the season, I noticed that it's giving me a 4* performance rating on a large database. Normally I'd select load all players in top leagues from Europe and South America which is around 68k players but has 1.5* performance. The large database gives you 38k. If I manage Manchester United, then how much of a difference is there in the database sizes? I'm not going to miss out on signing anyone major am I as United would typically be looking for more established players (even youngsters) who should be included in the large database right? Presumably having all players loaded would benefit a smaller team looking for a greater range of bargains? Is that right? Thanks
  10. Just installed FM, how much budget is typical for United in season 2? I'm trying to work out how many of Dier, Alderwield, Son, Skirinar and Savic are realistic over the first three transfer windows. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. If I buy FM19 on CD, can I still install it via Steam if I don't have a CD drive on my macbook? Do you get a steam activation code in the box? Thanks,
  12. Any other names for this list? I've lost 3 on the bounce and have around £4m left. Need attacking players badly.
  13. Hi, I have about £5m to spend with Fulham in season 1 and I'm looking for one or two game changer signings - players that can come in and significantly improve the team to win the playoffs. I've had a look in the bargain lists but haven't found anyone yet. I have partick cutrone in mind in loan but is there anyone else I should be looking at? Thanks
  14. Ive tried the highest graphics setting and removed custom graphics such as logos and facepacks but i still have the black ball...
  15. Didn't work I'm afraid... Can you suggest something else please? Thanks
  16. Also, is there a way to change the ball from becoming a beach ball when it goes up high and also to turn off the ball shadow in 2D?
  17. Already tried and it didn't change anything... thanks though
  18. I've just updated my Mac to the latest version (therefore updating all the drivers), nothing has changed and the ball is still black. This won't just be an issue with my computer as lots of other people have had the same issue on Mac and FM disappointingly still haven't fixed this. I only use 2D and this makes the game basically unplayable as it's very frustrating watching a black ball and really takes any enjoyment out of it. Please let me know if there's a way I can make this like it was in FM17 or whether FM can sort out a proper fix. Thanks
  19. Yeah that didn't work but thanks though. Is there a ball pack or skin I can download to fix this? I want the ball moving like in FM17, not with the weird movement as it has now.
  20. Thanks but that didn't work... It's already raised as a bug by many people with the same issue on mac but FM still haven't done anything about it.
  21. I'm having a problem with the 2D match engine where the ball is black and has some sort of jet stream or contrail behind it. If I download a new skin, will this be replaced with a normal ball like on FM17? Or does the 2D match ball remain the same regardless of the skin? Thanks
  22. Hi, I watch matches in 2D classic mode and the ball is black with some weird sort of contrail behind it. Is there a way to switch this back to a normal ball like it was in FM17? Thanks
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