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  1. Where did you finish to get him to come to Leicester? Would he come to them at the start of the first season?
  2. Does anyone know why there is the difference in budgets on FM and FMT? Will there be a bigger budget on FM on a future patch or is it just part of the challenge that you get £50m budget with any team? Thanks
  3. Thanks. So does this mean that if I buy FM off Amazon and register it to Steam with the activation code, that if there is another loyalty offer for FM19 like there was this year, then I'd be eligible for it? Just so I'm clear
  4. Hi, If I buy FM18 off Amazon with the disc and use the steam activation code to install it, then does that count as a steam purchase? i.e. Before FM18 launched, SI said that if you have the last 5 copies of FM in steam that you could get a loyalty discount. I just want to know that if I buy off Amazon and activate via Steam, will I still be eligible for these sorts of offers in the future or is it best just to buy it off steam in the Steam winter sale? Thanks a lot,
  5. I'm thinking of doing a Newcastle save and have a few questions... What are the rough budgets for the first couple of seasons? How likely is it you get taken over by someone willing to invest in the first season? When is it realistic to be able to sign Serjej Milinkovic Savic from Lazio? Is first season out of the question even if I can raise £30m? Or do you have to be in Europe/CL to attract him? Thanks a lot
  6. Thanks. In what season? Is there not a race for him at the start of the game or does that come later on?
  7. What Premier League teams will he sign for and for what wages? Champions League only or will that relax a few years in?
  8. I've just won the playoffs with Fulham in season 2 so I'll be in the PL in season 3. I've only got a £20m transfer budget and it's literally just after the play off final so I'd like to know if it's likely that this will go up before the start of the PL season? I'm assuming that PL + TV money is still yet to come... if so how much more will the budget go up by? Secondly, how many loan players can you have in total? I know it's two domestic long term loans but is there a limit on foreign loans? Thanks
  9. Just been sacked but saved the game just before so I want to know if it's possible to do anything to prevent being sacked, perhaps using the editor. Won my last match of the season but it wasn't enough and I want to keep the same profile I've had without having to add another manager. Any tips? Thanks
  10. What is the maximum age for someone to be tutored? I'd like to bring in two players, one experienced 38 year old to tutor another 22 year old. They both play in the same position, I'd just like to know if that would work or is the 22 year old too old? Thanks,
  11. I have a 20 year old regen who I brought over a year ago and loaned him out to get his work permit. I need to know if this loan period counts as him being at my club (Manchester United) towards the ruling that players who are aged 20 or under who have been at the club for two years don't need to be registered in the CL squad in order to play. From what I remember he's in his second year with United now (including the loan), but I'm not sure whether that loan counts as him being at United and if it does, then because he's in his second season, rather than played two seasons - do I need to register him? Thanks,
  12. How to make him stay?

    Thank you!
  13. How to make him stay?

    I had better options. He peaked with his assists towards the end of the season.
  14. I've got a situation with Lincoln - the young Brazilian playmaker who I signed for Manchester United. Last season I left him out of the CL squad and he's said that he now wants to leave. He was my top assister last season so I don't want to loose him but I also don't want to risk keeping him and him causing a problem within the squad. I'm on August 1st, so I have a month left of the transfer window and I want to start him in every match between now and then to convince him to stay but I'd like to know what the chances are that he'd change his mind. Is he more likely to still be unhappy within a month and risk upsetting the rest of the team or in situations like this, can they be nipped in the bud by starting him and registering him in this seasons's CL? Or should I just cut my losses now and replace him? FM is very unforgiving in these situations, I should have the option to make up with him. Thanks