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  1. Looking to get some help to edit English league system. I just want to change number of teams in the leagues to this! Premier league: 18 teams Championship: 20 teams League One: 20 League two: 20 I have tried but getting problems with some fixture error when trying to verify the leagues..
  2. No Im not using any additional fixtures. The premier league has no problems, only championship and league one and two!
  3. Its one i downloaded. I tried 3 or 4 different modified leagues.
  4. Im trying to edit number of teams in the English system to this: Premier league 20 to 18. Championship 24 to 20 and the same with league on and two 24 to 20. And i always gets this problem in the picture below. Can someone explain to me what im doing wrong or please help me do this. Thanks!
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