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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I'll give these things a try in my next match.
  2. I'm looking to get an outside opinion on what could be done with the system I'm currently using with Rangers. With regards to the season, I'm on track. Top of the Ladbrokes Premiership, still in the Scottish Cup & already won the BetFred Cup. I'll add here I'm a mega tinkerer. I play all games on Comprehensive Highlights. If I see their LB getting forward. I'll change to tell my AMR to Mark Specific Player and so on... Up to this point, I have just been powering through the season with playing my CF, AMR & AML on attack and just overpowering teams. I want now to make more use of the AMC position. So I've gone short, fast and trying to play my way into the goal. I want to get more out of all the players... So I'd like if you would look at my tactic and offer ideas as to what changes you'd make. I'd also like to know if there's any good information on how to really use the Individual Match Analysis screen? I want to get the most out of that section, but find myself clicking on it and just finding it too overwhelming to collect good information from it to help me develop or tweak my tactic to do more of what I want. If you need any other information or screenshots - just ask and I'll post them. I'll explain what I'm now looking to attempt. playing in Scotland you get a lot of teams who defend against you, so I'm looking for the AMC - (Advanced Playmaker) to sit in that hole and spread the ball, while my LB & RB get forward to help with crosses into the box, and because I'm playing short, high tempo, work ball into box with a low forward line and high defensive line - with them being told to be more disciplined - they move as a unit forward together. I'm kinda achieving this but the AMC doesn't hit the through balls and often I'm left with the ball out wide which turns into the cross being blocked and I create more corners than I would like - thoughts? Because lots of teams play a low block and leave one up front, depending on if he's fast or slow. I give player instructions to never press him, making sure I don't over commit and leave him a one v one with my keeper. Because often the other defender doesn't make it across to deal with him. It's worked up till now but I wonder if anyone has any other suggestions on how to deal with this type of situation. I'll leave it with you...
  3. Here we go again another season of FM and another hair pulling session for me to figure out how to get a team to play. The main focus of this threat is to find out how much or how little you do with your tactics, shouts, player instructions, position instructions and so on...do you tinker all the time or do you set it out and just see what happens. I'm Rangers - Being Rangers puts you in a dominant position in most games in the Scottish Premier League. With this system I can rest assured that if the opposition play two up front I have my Half Back there to cover for the two CDs and if they play one up front I change my Half Back into a Regista allowing him to get involved in the game. My FBs play as wingers and my Wingers support them - the Mezzala joins in the attacks and the Support Attacking Playmaker sits in the hole and does him thing, and if he fails to do so my Regista can pick up the slack. Anyone see any structural issues with this so far? If so let me know. With regards to tactics that as far as I want to take it for now. I make subtle changes to playing short, direct, tempo, work into box, expose left or right flank - depending on how the game is developing as I watch it. Do you go into more depth or does anyone feel I'm only scratching the surface of what I'm capable of getting out the tactical aspect of the game. I do well with this limited approach but like everyone there are games where I'm either rover exposed or just don't figure out fast enough to make the opposition winger and BOOM they've scored. So too little or not enough?
  4. I'm running High Sierra 10.3 on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) - I keep getting this screen and it doesn't load past it.
  5. It's a friend but money would be on the line, and we'll no one can be trusted when money is on the line!
  6. I understand but there's a chance he could still loose the same match and even put at risk the previous match they may have already won.
  7. Game Status would do it! Get the game to autosave once ever two weeks and by the time the end of the season is complete there should only be 26 saves.
  8. How many of you have saved the game before a big match just incase...I will admit it first. "I'm Enzo and I've reloaded" I want to have a completion with a friend to she who can do the best a team, but because we'd both be working from local saves, there's no way to tell if either of us are reloading - or is there? That's what I'm here to ask, can the save be looked at with an editor to see how many saves/reloads it's been through.
  9. Most seasons without fail I get a major dip in form come December. Does anyone else experience this, and if so - do you have an idea why?
  10. I often see my Left-CD running out to press their LF - when my Right-CD is just standing there. I've tried this on no pressing, structured, more pressing, fluid. I have no idea why they make these random decisions other than their decision/concentration making is poor and I just have to accept it.
  11. When I export a highlight (no matter what resolution) they all come out like this? They export in .ogv - I've never see that format before.
  12. Yip, I'm performing well in some games and in others just being overrun! So much... Overall you can see I was getting a good performance from the overall rating of the players, but in game, they just go hot and cold. I'm hoping someone can see something as to why this is happening. Hamilton: I never had the possession but moved the ball well and took my chances. I've been playing Stay On Feet to have less fouls and avoid injuries, because it's the beginning of the season and not everyone is as fit as I'd like. Kilmarnock: Away from home more possession but as you can see, nothing much different. Similar percentages on Passing, Tackles and Headers - hmm... Aberdeen: Aberdeen destroyed me with chances but yet all percentages where the same again. I use a lot of shouts during the game and have found that helps, change my focus and push my team on without doing to much tactically. I do go in and change a few instructions depending on things I notice. I do want to encourage playing at a higher tempo and I'm getting some really nice one twos and fast focused play. But I'm not seeing where things are falling apart. I start all the games on Standard and change it about 2/3 times a game. If I need to slow the game down if and when I have a lead, I change tempo or passing to shorter. Formation and Instructions: Nice to have some outside eyes to see if they notice anything I can't see. Comments welcome.
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