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  1. That might be interesting. I could let people claim teams and pick which player they wanted to take over as manager each season.
  2. I want to run a Challenge or Experiment that I can grind out seasons on but that doesn't take a lot of time to write up. I've been taking my new shiny laptop to work and it's idle a lot so I could run a lot of seasons on vacation but I don't have a lot of time for write ups (the "Save as text" feature looks like it could help a lot so I won't have to take/edit/upload screenshots). Now I just need a suggestion on what sort of challenge or experiment to run. Any ideas?
  3. On a different subject, I was thinking about starting a "let's play" game of FM2012. The basic gist would be that we select one team (probably starting off in a lower league) and one player manages the selected team for either half a season or a full season and then saves all of their changes and commits the save game to a shared location (or emails it to the next person who will be managing) and then each person writes up their achievements, transfers and a turn over for the next manager. So we'd try and collectively see how we can do changing ownership and tactics every year/6 months.
  4. I think that would be fun. Overall chairmen games kind of confuse me since I live in the US and don't really know any league or players very well other than Italian Serie A and some of the players and teams that they've played against in the UEFA Champions League. What I might enjoy, but would require more involvement (and might turn out to be a huge PITA), would be a chairman game without real players. You could keep the game file on a Google subversion repository (or something similar) with only read access to the file so the chairmen could load the game file up and look at players period
  5. Something new and unique of the genre would be pretty cool. Have any ideas for something other than taking over chairs of the English Premiere league? Maybe a lower league chairman game or using different countries?
  6. I was thinking of doing the following sign-up: Send in the clones or My Dream Team Can Beat Up Your Dream Team Basically create a custom league with 20-24 teams and set them up with a championship cup. Players (that means you guys) take your pick of any players anywhere in the world to fill out your own dream team of a starting 11 with 8 reserves and any two coaches to take over as manager and ass. man. I'll take the 2012 DB and duplicate the players and staff and stuff them into your own dream team and then we run the season and see who comes out on top. Questions/restrictions: Should
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