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  1. Can someone please give me the dates of when youth players come through from every league please
  2. black out stars mean? Thanks in advance
  3. Who's your best English buy? Who's the best young English talent?
  4. He's playing as Trequartista - attack... 47 games 31 goals, 14 games as sub
  5. Absolute bargain for a top 10 premiership team.. Bought him for spurs for a small fee of 2.6m and he has in 33 games he has scored 22 goals. Must buy guys
  6. M.radoi needed a cheap cd for Southampton to cover for injuries he stayed in the team all season was brilliant
  7. Cheers mate I seen on the information page, just started the save, looks like a lot of developing players is needed on this save
  8. No way, just taken the arsenal job and shipped him out so I can bring in Barkley
  9. I finished 6th in prem but won the euro cup by winning it doesn't that put me in the champs league??
  10. Yeah he was mint for me in championship, but ive got this regen whos looks world class so ive given him the n9 shirt in the premiership, he's doing well, im trying to build a team full of young scots..looking promising aswell. top of prem in first season didnt expect to do well at all with the youth ive got cause celtic and oil rich killie (been bought by some rich person) were dominating the league. I managed to take advantage off killies takeover, got rory mckenzie for 58k and mark o'hara for about 1m with add ons. also got guald for 2m with add ons adding up to 7m... looking bright at rangers haha
  11. How has Ryan Hardie fared up in peoples saves? I was paying too much to Walsh in first season but seen Hardie's finishing in preseason so stuck with him in second season and he is an absolute goal machine, 20 league goals in 14apps
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