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  1. Gonna start with West Brom or Newcastle I think.
  2. I'm not a fan like yourself mate but they just seem to play a nice passing style. Really like James Morrison IRL think he's really underrated.
  3. Great work mate, really hope the WBA thread is more active this year.
  4. Im looking forward to this, really like the way they play glad theyre gonna get a thread this year
  5. Bundesliga is probably best league for you, teams like werder, Wolfsburg and Schalke can all compete potentially with the top 2.
  6. Yeah he's just left Fiorentina IRL, found people like Jovetic he looks great in game too
  7. Great work, Elia and De Bruyne make Bremen a lot more appealing this season.
  8. Frankfurt are a good choice, bit of a fallen giant. I do like Mainz though, good young squad. Might be them myself.
  9. Great stuff mate, definitely going to have a crack with the room army this year
  10. Is there any way of setting philosophys when you start? Or is it just something when you negotiate a contract?
  11. Is anyone else a bit annoyed that every footballer under the sun seems to have had fm for a few weeks? And then non famous players get rude responses.
  12. All I can think of is that it's because he was former espanyol captain Dani Jarques best mate and had a message on his shirt about Jarque after he scored in the World Cup final after Jarque had died of a heart attack. May be completely wrong though.
  13. It's good to hear that I'll still be able to get some fm in especially with fm13 looking like it'll be quality
  14. My first child is due in December, just wondering how many people here have kids and still manage to play fm. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait and the baby will come first but I like to think ill be able to sneak a few hours a week.
  15. I think it's good. You don't have to have one, only of you want and they only do what you ask them to. You can give them a list of targets according to the video blog. It's a positive move because a lot of clubs have one.
  16. Are there any new licences for kits n badges? Thought they may include Scottish lower with rangers down there.
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