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  1. yeah that was a stupid question. Anyone managed to sign him?
  2. What database do you need to load for him to be in game? I've got large db without Belgian league but he's not on there
  3. Hertha Berlin or Monaco? Also in England Middlesborough have a top academy. Villarreal in Spain also have good facilities and a strong squad.
  4. Alaba probably edges it but in my Newcastle game Santon was brilliant one of my top performers. Not one winger really caused him problems. He also cut inside and got a couple of goals.
  5. Do you play Ocampos up front or on the wing, as I noticed his main position is as a ST but I always thought he was a winger.
  6. Did you have Austrian league to get the Austrian fella?
  7. Great thread, do you know if the chairman keeps pumping money in after season 1?
  8. Nation:England Division: Championship Media Prediction:Mid to top Board Expectation(s): Mid table/ top half finish Transfer Budget: dont mind Wage Budget: dont mind Finances: dont mind Other: basically looking at Nottingham Forest, Leicester, Middlesborough or Cardiff but cannot decide between them. Just need some advice to mae the final decision really.
  9. I'd say Slavia Prague personally, big challenge to catch up with Sparta Prague.
  10. Swansea have a decent team with a bit of money to spend.
  11. I'm looking for a team predicted bottom half of premier league that I can try and take to the next level. Not QPR as their wage bills ridiculous. I have transfers off in 1st window so transfer budget not an issue.
  12. Nation: England Division: Championship European Competition:n/a Media Prediction: Don't Mind Board Expectation(s): Don't Mind Transfer Budget: 1 Million plus would be nice but not essential Wage Budget: again don't mind too much Finances: Preferably secure but not essential Other: Basically looking for a team in the championship that has a decent spine and ideally a team that has a few youth prospects that I can blood in the first team.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I have had a look at Villa potentially but I don't like to change too much at the beginning and I don't think they have any players that appeal to me.
  14. Nation: England Division: Prem European Competition: don't mind Media Prediction: 7-14 Board Expectation(s): doesn't matter Transfer Budget: don't mind Wage Budget: don't mind Finances: don't mind Other: really torn between a few teams to start my first long term save now that I'm a bit more familiar with the game. Teams like Newcastle, Everton, Sunderland, West Brom all appeal to me for different reasons.
  15. Totally agree, Best Bond in my opinion. Much better story than previous ones.
  16. Considering starting with the toon army (in part due to this brilliant thread) but I like to stick to a 433 with wingers as my formation so I'm thinking of having ba left, Ben arfa right and cussed through the middle. I've had a brief look through and can't see anyone with this, has anyone had success with this? What's the best way to play HBA, really want to build my team around him.
  17. I know what you mean, got soo many ideas just don't know where to start
  18. Il have a go with Hamburg this year, expectations more realistic now and obviously can see vaarts a massive plus. Great guide again mate. Bundesliga such a great league.
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