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  1. Started with Anderlecht last night, going to try n build a Belgian core whilst trying to find bargains from abroad to hopefully sell at profit. The main challenge will be Europe I think. So far I've sold a few including Jovanovic and signed Pontus Jonsson (I think) from Malmo and Jan Lecjaks from Young Boys, both for about 700k.
  2. I have exactly the same at this time of year, real transfers and managerial moves affect my decisions as I like the game to be as realistic as possible which is quite stupid really.
  3. Going to start a bundesliga save tonight, not sure who to be out of Bremen, Schalke or Leverkusen. Anyone have any experience/recommendation?
  4. Is anyone else suffering really bad injury problems? And is there anyway around them, like changing training schedules etc. Im Barca and first season was pretty normal on the injury front but second season I have been without 5 or 6 players at all times. One comes back another gets injured. At one point I had Fabregas, Thiago and Dongou up top because Messi, Iniesta, Pedro, Tello, Cuenca, Alves, Sanchez, Alba and Delofeou were all out. Now, Iniesta has come back and Cesc has done his hamstring. This is not a moan, Im just wondering what I can do to solve this.
  5. Thats sort of the point of the game though. It is just a game after all. It wouldnt be much fun if you couldnt overachieve.
  6. Nation: England Division: bottom of prem, championship, league one European Competition: None. Media Prediction: bottom half prem, any for others Board Expectation(s): Bottom half of prem, any for others. Transfer Budget: Decent enough for division Wage Budget: Don't mind. Finances: Preferably not in debt but not too fussed. Other: I'd like a team with a young squad with potential to build them up as a force. Need someone with a young squad to build on, I prefer to make gradual changes. Preferably championship but will consider other leagues as above. Not derby, already been them.
  7. Is Peruzzi the only one with a second nationality?
  8. Looking for a solid team outside top ten of premiership or championship that have potential to be built into a force. Not fussed about budgets or anything like that.
  9. Hull City play 3 at the back in real life so should have the players capable of doing it in game
  10. Yeah they had an amazing team 10-15 years ago. Along with gio, floccari going back to lazio was a blow. Despite his age, last year on fm he got 25 goals at least in each of my 3 seasons n led me to a serie a title. Glad biabiany is still there as pace is always good to have. Had Belfodil for Nice on a save on FM13 and he was a beast after a few years.
  11. Ive always like parma since the Chiesa days and I had a great game with them last year but after losing so many good players in the summer I've steered clear so far. Shame about the sacking, are you going to have another go?
  12. Cheers mate, might give them a go. Only issue with the toon army is I had a good save with them on the first patch, finished 3rd and won the Europa league and I don't think I'd be able to hit those heights again. Definitely one to consider though.
  13. I'm going through a severe FM slump at the moment and I haven't really got into a game since the new database was released. I'm looking for an interesting team to manage, with a long term goal. I don't mind whether they are a fallen giant or a team that has never won a trophy but just looking for a long term aim. Nation: England, Germany, holland, Italy, Spain, Scotland Division: Don't mind really European Competition: don't mind Media Prediction: Depends on the challenge Board expectations: preferably none, but not too bothered Transfer Budget: Not too fussed Wage Budget: See above Finances: Don't mind really but not masses of debt
  14. Looking for a team outside the top 7 or so in the premiership with potential to build. Not QPR, someone with a decent squad and realistic wage bill.
  15. Yeah they look pretty good, Sarabia is really good.
  16. I've had the same with benteke. Playing himas a target man. Not scored in first 6 and consistently rating below 6.
  17. Has anyone managed to get rid of Ireland or given at the start? They've both rejected more than one offer to leave even though I've put them in the reserves and transfer listed them.
  18. Cheers fot he suggestion mate, they have got some cracking players but the wages put me off a bit. I like to be quite strict in that department.
  19. Want to start a game in the premiership, would be interested in practically any team outside the top 6. Have looked at West Ham, Everton, Newcastle and West Brom but just need something to give me that extra push. Need a team with potential to build into a top club. Thanks.
  20. Looking for a mid table team in either La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga. Dont mind about finances really although a couple of million would be nice.
  21. Nation: anywhere in Europe Division: Anywhere outside Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1.Would consider literally anywhere else, from Npower League 2 to Russia and anywhere inbetween. European Competition: - Media Prediction: - Board Expectation(s): Mid table Transfer Budget: Dont mind Wage Budget: same Finances: dont mind Other: Basically looking for a stop gap save before the update in a different league than the ones I have already played.
  22. This guy is a beast, has captained my Nice side to a league and cup double in 2014. He gets man of the match nearly every game.
  23. Nation: Somewhere in Europe, but not England, Spain, France or Italy Division: Top European Competition: n/a Media Prediction: Mid-bottom half Board Expectation(s):Mid- bottom half Transfer Budget: Reasonable Wage Budget:Reasonable Finances:Reasonable Other: Will go pretty much anywhere in Europe other than the countries mentioned above that Ive already had long term games in. Finances etc arent a concern, just an interesting challenge.
  24. I'm Nice on FM, Maupay gets a few games and has scored a few goals. They do have quite a few good young players and I've had a cracking DMC come through. Finished 4th 1st year and won the cup, top in feb of2nd season without many changes.
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