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  1. If there is no me update scheduled for tonight is the current beta the final game then?
  2. I understand what you're saying, but we want a working game on the release date. I agree it's good that they update it through the year but surely a game should be ready by the release date. I hope it is I really do, but they're running out of time and the beta is getting worse with each update.
  3. Is there any way that all of these bugs will be fixed by tomorrow? I love FM but these beta updates seem to be making the game worse.
  4. I'm part way in to a season with West Ham, going reasonably well, but ive just played Southampton away and lost 1-0. Nothing strange there, but they had 38 shots against me. I'm playing a 4141 tactic that has previously gained me a draw at Anfield and a win at Hull (plus CL wins over Arsenal and Schalke in a separate Celtic save). I know Southampton are good but it seems a bit much. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar or if my previously successful tactic isn't what it used to be.
  5. It does seem as if the fullback ratings have gone too far the other way, if mine get over 6 they've had a great game.
  6. The full version isn't even out until the 31st so they don't really need to give us this update. Be patient.
  7. Yeah I think I've seen that the database is now locked until the January update.
  8. Yeah sorry guys, since the new update if you try to sign staff in Italy the game crashes. Hopefly it's fixed by release.
  9. Finally get a bit of FM time tonight, was going to start at Inter but now there's this staff bug! Have to wait til next week by the looks of things. Well done on the title, great achievement first year and CL should really boost finances.
  10. Wow you've done brilliantly there, and what a great couple of games to have to deal the title! Who have been your best players? Are you still going with three at the back?
  11. Juventus have just won the league on my game in the first season and it says they have won it twice in a row but it is obviously the third in a row. Is this classed as a data issue? Not sure where to report it.
  12. The guides coming along really well, great work. Any idea how much it'll cost to sign Icardi permanently?
  13. Nice intro, glad someones done a thread as Im intending on a long term save with Inter. Really interesting squad this season I think, and Ive got a lot of love for Mauro Icardi.
  14. Played fora couple of hours last night, really enjoying it. The UI is much easier to use and I really like the new tactics system. Only issue I'm having is when I sort the team selection and then click away it changed the order the next time I come back to the screen. Overall though I'm really enjoying it and it seems so much more advanced than the FM13 beta. Great work SI.
  15. Nation: Anywhere in Europe other than England, Italyand Spain Division: Top or second European competition: Not bothered Media prediction: Mid table if top div Board expectations: Not bothered Transfer budget: Not too important Wage budget: Same as transfer Other: Looking for an interesting team to start a final long term save with
  16. Leverkusen have both, Sociedad have great players and no budget. Id stay away from Valencia as they have got a pretty massive debt.
  17. I second that, Ive got a Villa save on the go atm and im really enjoying it
  18. Charltons a good save, quite difficult but I managed to get them up first season. Some really solid players like Dale Stephens and Ben Hamer.
  19. Nation: Europe away from the bigger leagues of England, France, Germnay, Italy and Spain Division: Top Continental Competition: Dont mind Media Prediction: Dont mind Board Expectation(s): Preferably none but dont mind Transfer Budget: Not too important although a couple of million would be nice Wage Budget: Again not too important Finances: as above Other: Ive played all my saves in the above leagues so Im looking to start up somewhere new to start up.
  20. I think they have a pretty decent squad. They are set up to play with wingers and in the games I've had in the championship with Derby and Charlton a 433 with wingers has worked really well. I'd say that pace is the key in that league.
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