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  1. Cska have the best Russian base.
  2. I would like James Morrison to be as good in game as he is in real life. One of West Broms best players but he's only 2 and a half stars. I'm serious.
  3. Club: Dnipro Budget: £5m max Looking for: GK Season: 1 - First transfer window Loyalty Bonus: Low as possible. Agent Fee: Low as possible.
  4. I'm not sure what I want, need a fun game. Has to be in Europe but not in England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia or Spain. I'm open to pretty much any mid level country in Europe. Not bothered about finances, just something interesting. I've considered anything from shakhtar to hibs! Just need a push in the right direction. Thanks
  5. In Germany you've got Bayern who haven't won league in a couple of years, Dortmund who are champs and have some amazing young players, or teams like Bremen, Schalke and Stuttgart who all have decent bases to build on. Bundesliga is a lot of fun aswell, more open than other leagues as anyone in top 8 has some chance of winning the title.
  6. John Versleeuwen of VVV Venlo, 4.5 star tactics and will go to most teams in top div of any top league
  7. I normally stay with the same teams each year as I only normally play with teams I like in real life anyway. QPR, PSG, Milan, Arsenal, Rangers, Bilbao. Then maybe a lower league game.
  8. I meant I was playing on the latest si update, 12.2 I think it is.
  9. Yeah latest update. Yeah I suppose it would make it more of a challenge. I think I'm gonna give it a go, thanks for your suggestions mate. Shifting babel and cancelling lakic loan will be the first things I do, I love a tight wage structure.
  10. I do love managing in Germany and have considered hoffenheim previously, my only concern with them is the departures of ibisevic, obasi and gylfi significantly weaken the team in first season.
  11. Nation: Anywhere in Europe Division: Top European Competition: No Media Prediction: Don't mind Board Expectation(s): Don't mind Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Any really I'm looking for a team with solid foundations that I can develop into a top side. Someone interesting, I'm open to anywhere in Europe if it has an interesting enough long term goal.
  12. I signed Lucas for PSG at start of season 3 as my long term replacement for Nene in my 433. Hes been good for me but stillnot in the class of Pastore. 5th season now, won 2nd CL last season and dominated domestically every year, taking a break from PSG. Im sure ill come back though.
  13. Looking to start a new game today in either England, Germany or Spain. Want a team with a good base that is recommended either bottom half of the top division or promotion candidates of div 2.
  14. I think like the majority of la liga they owe the Spanish taxman a ridiculous amount but as it hasn't all gone too public the game doesn't really reflect it. I was reading an article last week about it all so wouldn't be surprised if its featured in next years game as they seem to be starting to take action
  15. After a couple of years they both have massive new grounds so once you see that through youll be rolling in it. You using an update?
  16. Yeah sampdoria or Torino are good options in Italy. Celts Vigo in Spain were champions league less than 10 years ago so may be good option in Spain for you. In Germany there are relatively big sides like 1860 Munich and Frankfurt in 2nd div.
  17. I signed Damiao and played him up top on his own, I'm in 5th season now and he's PSG record goalscorer. Still got Gamiero but when he plays it's on the wing and he does do a good job. Scored from right wing in my first champions league win. Got Niang as well but when he's played he's been disappointing so may loan him.
  18. Sterling has massive potential but is certainly not the biggest upcoming talent in football.
  19. Im looking for an interesting game in Europe (not England), a team with potential to build into a force. Someone top 6 in Spain or Germany, or a top side from Holland, Portugal or somewhere else like Belgium, Russia or Ukraine. Just need inspiration really!
  20. Deportivo or Celta Vigo are big teams for their divisions. Same with Frankfurt in Germany or Torino in Serie B. Not sure about finances but all big teams.
  21. Looking for something different, what would be a good team to start with in Brazil? Looking for talented youngsters and history really.
  22. I did this recently and started as Boreham Wood as they are a feeder team for Arsenal. However i wouldnt say it matters what team you are, so many good frees for that level i reshaped the whole team and got promoted via playoffs first season and am sitting pretty in bsp.
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