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  1. On 01/02/2021 at 18:33, goonergez said:

    I actually ended up getting even more confused although maybe COVID related. We went into a six team mini league promotion group. It looks like the winner of that group gains promotion and you take all of your existing league points from the first stage with you. The confusing bit seems to be that you don’t play all of the other sides in that group. Of the six we are only playing another three of the teams both home and away. What a confusing setup!

    Hi just starting out with Depor myself - were you able to find any kits anywhere for them?

  2. Hi

    After a year or so away from the game Coronavirus is driving me back into FMs loving arms. 

    I need a new laptop to play, and have no idea on these things. Ive found two in my price range, could anyone advise on which is better?



    Both are AMD Rayzen cores, however the 3 seems to have a better speed than the 5 which seems strange to me. 

    I appreciate any help, cheers. 



    Or this one

  3. Ive just had this error again. Almost every single save has been ruined by this error this year. I have no graphics or db changes in game, I autosave to a new file each time. But I have had the error again.


    Is it anything to do with Windows 10, as I always seem to struggle with crashes etc when I have a Windows update (which seems to be every day atm).


    Id appreciate any help ahead of FM19 because it is a real pain.

  4. For the second time this year I have completely lost a save. Earlier in the year I had a save with arsenal, and after two seasons when I tried to load it all 3 of the weekly auto save files came up with the error ‘saved game could not be loaded’. There was no indication that there was an issue when it saved.


    the exact same thing had happened in 2025 in an england save.


    my laptop is windows 10, my fm is fully updated and the only antivirus I use is windows defender. I have no custom graphics. 

  5. Can someone explain the registration rules as I’m having a nightmare.

    i used both my slots in the summer but then in jan I signed an argie striker because he was amazing thinking I could use him the following year. The new pre season has just started and I still can’t register him. Could anyone think why this is? Do they need to play a certain amount of international games? 

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