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  1. Oscar (13162051, Liberian) moved from Slovan Liberec to Slavia Prague for a fee of 1 million €, according to Transfermarkt.com. While I won't go into how accurate TM is on that, in-game he's listed with a transfer fee of 26 million Euros, which is probably wrong and also would be insanely high for the Czech league, no?
  2. @Rob Heckman I just checked the date - unfortunately, it's about 2 seasons before I join Celta. I can upload it if you like, but that sounds like it's too far back. Oh yeah, one piece of additional info: I didn't add a new manager, but went through the interview process with Celta actually. I think my contract with Atlético ran out and I didn't want to extend.
  3. Hi @Rob Heckman, thanks for the response. Unfortunately thanks to auto-save I am unable to provide a save just before I took over. However, because we switched the host from me to my buddy due to internet issues, I can provide one where I'm still at my old club, would that suffice? Other than that I could only offer the most recent save I'm afraid.
  4. I am currently playing in an online save with one other player. I switched teams after a few seasons, however, at the new club I was unable to set a Code of Conduct. I never got a message about it. I wanted to wait the issue out until another season rolls around, as I was switching clubs mid-break, but at the start of the second season of the new club I still have no Code of Conduct. When I click the according Tab in the Dynamics screen, I just get a message of "No Code of Conduct has been agreed yet". As I really enjoy this feature in general and think it's a great addition to FM20, not being able to use it is annoying. When I started at my first club, I was able to set a Code of Conduct just fine.
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