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  1. does anyone know the answer to this ? as i'm finished first 14th and then 11th so where would you guys consider mid-table.
  2. ahh apoligies my bad, well my season aint going great atm, im expected to finish mid table, just where is mid table exactly im guessing between 12th and 8th?
  3. needs a hardcore mode where you can see any attributes without scouting players and that you can only scout 1 player at a time
  4. complete dafugee's challenge using only youth then i will deem you special sir
  5. is there anyway to stop them looking for staff in the backroom advice section? getting quite annoying now, haven't approached suggested staff by them in the 2 years i've been here why would i start now -_-
  6. good idea, and wtf first match and 2 serious injuries to my right wingers -_-
  7. hmmm think i need mayb e1 more DC as i just realised i only have 2 not including the youth.
  8. well heres the situation now that the firendlys are over, i released a total of 11 players all costing me well over £100 per week, replaced them with players who are on wages around £30-£80. Got players for each position and them doubled it up so i have back-up, still have some youth for a 3rd back up in case of bans or injuries, this could also come in handy for cup comps, the finances are just wrecked 150k in red still and thats with over 50k from friendlys. gonna try a 4-4-2 short passing slow tempo and wide play using the two cracking wingers i scored on £50 p/w. so what do you guys think ?
  9. that last thing you said just made me realise how much potential this thread as, we could start a official relegation thread where people talk about there relegations and how the are going to over come them.
  10. aha yea maybe it should be kept between me and them, you guys wouldn't wanna know the reason why they get pay rises lol
  11. congrats on the achievement, and yet again thanks for the advice
  12. thanks, and that's actually what i did the first season but when working with small squads its quite hard keeping everyone hard especially with the cups.
  13. im just about to end the friendlys i might let you guys in on how things are going in a few minutes, once i make af ew more signings.
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