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  1. First save on 13 and am favourite team Liverpool. Spent hours going through squad, tactics training, found perfect player to sign (Wellington Nem 3.5m release clause), signed a couple of coaches, had a friendly tour etc. First game away to Reading and lost 4-0. What a load of absolute tosh. I am not one of these that would turn off the pc everytime I lose and would have accepted a loss at the start say by the odd goal say. I had 57% possession, missed penalty ~(by the way through years of playing this game i knew it was not going to be scored -PREDICTABLE). Its just same old same old. No matter who you are, who you sign, how you set up, the AI team are always the worlds best 11. Reading had 11 Franz Beckenbauer's in their side. I could understand it if i dominated and they countered and won by the odd goal with riding their luck but they had the same chances as i had, so to win by 4 clear goals is pathetic. It seems as though the AI are set up to recognise your every move and therefore it would make no difference what you do. In real life the other team does not know you formation or side until the team sheets are exchanged and the game is played. Even if i changed the editor and signed Messi, Xavi, Ronaldo etc I was always going to lose the game- and you know it. If i am at home the other team counters and wins 1-0 or 2-1. if i am away to a better side and i go defensive and counter i concede after 2 seconds. I play the Rodgers formation in a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 depending on how you look at it, but on the match engine my back 4 are alway in a line so there is not the numbers in the middle of the pitch as in real life. In real life and what Barca do is the two centre backs split wide and therefore the full backs are pushed up so there are numbers in the park to keep possesion. Obviously its exposed to counters as in real life. So how can i play this formation if it does not do what its supposed to. You need people who actually know the tactics of the real game if you want realism. You end up spending months working out how to beat the game as opposed to applying the laws of how the real life game works. When you get to that point then what is the point. Is it worth pursuing the game or shall i just wait for the final update next year or even pack it in as i'm clearly getting too old?
  2. Can a position that a player already has marked down as accomplished (at start of game) be converted to natural . . did not know that could be done. I know the individual training already exists, what I am saying is get rid of it. What do we have coaches for? In real life the coaches will see what a player is lacking and will work on it. I did not know having one more tab on the manager profile showing trophies won makes things complicated? Did you agree with any of my points or just pick out bits you didnt like. Lets have some balance fella
  3. The original versions of the game back in the CM days gripped us all not because the game had so much depth but because of the easy and fluid playability. Finally we could take over our inept clubs and restore them back to glory. Lets all face it, the best part of FM is the start of a new season when you have some money and you can buy players. I think alot of aspects have become boring and routine as it is impossible to provide neverending variety. So as opposed to adding new aspects I think its just as important to ditch some as well as inproving others. I have tried to keep below as brief as possible as I could write essays about this stuff: - match day instructions good idea in theory but pointless, who watches the entire game? - individual attribute training, its obvious in real likfe if a player lacks at something they will work on it - manager contracts, I am not actually being paid so what do I care about the salary, just state club have offered you contract untill _ accept? - constantly changing players individual tactics for every game yawwwn, how about setting individual players tactics which stick to that player? - position training, you should be able to train a player to become natural in a position which says accomplished - staff shortlist - throw in takers, any god damn player can take a simple throw in and no team chooses a player to take all throw ins unless you have Delap in your side. I am Liverpool and chose Johnson to take my throw ins on the right but the game wants me to have Aurelio to take them all cos he ahs a long throw? - I think a couple more styles of football should be avialable. Just because you have a target man should not mean you have to play direct football. You are allowed to play a pssing game and mix it up every now and then with a diagonal ball - better sense of acievement instead of "Liverpool win FA cup", I have just won a trophy and I want to see it! - star ratings need a tweak, gerrard 3* playing MR, the guy is top draw wherever he plays - press conferences ar soooooo boring, they say the same thing and you give the same answers and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - promises should be an option for buying a player, ie how many games he will get if joining and where you think the club is going etc - the above one will also make sense for players who want to leave for bigger club etc, "i promise to get us in champs league next year" etc I haver to stop as I could go on all day. The game is so near from being bang on and once it is it can be finely tweaked over the years as no big changes will be needed
  4. Carroll and Suarez HELP

    4-4-1-1 before anyone mentions its late i'm tired and I have some FM rage going on
  5. How have people got on with Carroll and Suarez at Liverpool? I am not doing too bad 4th in the league at mo after 8 matches. I play a 4-4-2 and 4-4-2-1 depending on who I play, but Carrol and Suarez are useless!!!!!!! They struggle to get anything over 6.5 and have scored 4 goals between them in all competitions. I play Carroll on the right as a target man and Suarez as a adv forw or poacher. Nothin works. Ngog scores for fun though even though suarez has much muchg better stats. Kadlec also does better and he is 12. I should not have to play like Canvey Island for Carroll to get a rating of over 6.5. Players just do not cross the ball into the box ever, even if I set everythin possible to try to make this happen for Carroll to get on the end of it. If I set changes and tactics that in real life would work and are correct then they should work. That is realism. It is incredibly unrealistic to set tactics from forums that would just not work in real life but mean that you win a game in FM. Loosing patience with the game and b=need someone to restore my faith
  6. Facepack update help please!

    Nothing wrong, will do if have any more probs. Bit new to all this FM forum stuff. AAh that will be why, I did not extract the config files as I was worried it may of effected the megapack. I have overwritten the files but obviously needed the config file too. Shall i just extract again with the config files and overwrite them all or will i have to start again with the original pack then add them? I downloaded my files from fileserve and the only updates were up to 3.3. Would it be okay to download the rest from a different source? Thanks in advance for you help
  7. Facepack update help please!

    Please can someone help me with this issue. I have just dowloaded and extracted the mega facepack and the images are working - great. I then downloaded all the updates 3.1, 3.2 + 3.3 and extracted just the images in the zip's to my graphics faces folder. My question is this - How do i know that the images on the updates are working?:confused: I have had a look for example at some of the images in the latest update and then looked in the game to see if the same images are in FM. However, they do not appear to be. For example beckham in the 3.3 update pic is wearing a suit jacket but in the game is in the MLS Galaxy kit (not that i want the new pic anyway?). Also some images like VDVaart are in the game as it appears in the update but in a different kit (holland not spurs). Any help will be appreciated
  8. TEMPO issue!

    Cheers for the input. But surely the exact same setting is shorter passing with never time waste. Maybe i just need to up the tempo a bit and go into the individual settings and get more players like my full backs playing direct at my target man Carroll. What was funny was that before my thread I beat Arsenal 1-0 away. Scouting report for arsenal said they play no particular passing style (wrong -short passing) Carroll played badly and Wenger complained about me after the game that my team passes too much and should shoot more often instead of trying to walk the ball in the back of the net. I gues i just need to play around with it a bit more until i get it right.
  9. Can someone resolve this for me. Understanding football and understanding the game are two completely different things. I am Liverpool and want to develop a passing style ala arsenal+barca stylee. Arsenal and Barca (in real football) play a short passing game but at a very high pace and tempo (albeit they are patient). But in line with the game or what people say you need to marry short passing with a slow tempo. So I have moved the slider a few notches to the slow end but not right down as pool do not have the players - yet. I play a 4-2-3-1 with carrol up top and suarez on the left. Now because i play a slow tempo it always says that carroll is used to a more direct game and a high tempo and has poor form as a result without a goal (6 matches). But just because I play a passing game does not mean that when we get to the byline i do not want to cross it for carroll. That is the way I want to play but i do not have the option. So carrol is completely wasted unless I play a direct game, but i may as well be Blackburn. This is a fatal misunderstanding within the game about real football. Teams can play a fast tempo short passing game like arsenal and barca. a slow tempo passing game is the one you will find in italy. Also as I have carroll every now and then I want to pump a high ball up to him and mix it around a bit so he gets involved if we cant break up the oposition. What setting, if any, is the correct one for a slick passing game that can involve a player like carrol?
  10. lots of missing players

    Sounds weird. I have often had the players missing issue, but when i clear the filter they all return with no worries and no issue if filter out positions etc. I then click the value box to organise the value of players on the list from highest to lowest. The fact you have the transfer issue means that something is not right. Try pressing continue for a couple of days then saving the game and reloading to see if it has shifted. Or try reloading a previous save that did not have the issue?
  11. lots of missing players

    Just go to player search screen Go to filter and click clear filter Sorted?
  12. True. But if they did that then they would only sell half the games they normally sell - which would force them to make sure the game is tip top when it is released and thoroughly tested. Now there is an idea - think about it!
  13. I think what you are trying to say is that SI should have more of a perfected game in the first place when released so that there will be less bugs and fixes and thus less witing time for patches. to which i can see your point! However, you can't bite the hand that feeds you. Suggestion (what I am now going to do) - Maybe the best way to do it is to only buy the newest version of the game when the 11.3 patch has been released ie. only buy FM2012 when the 11.3 patch for that game is released. This way you will have a whole year to play the best version of the game and plenty of time to play far enough to develop your youngsters and your empire.
  14. Wage Discussions

    I find this annoying in the game but this is what i do: Offering contracts to possible transfer - I make sure that i have scouted the player and the report always gives an indication of the likely amount of wages the player will accept. More often than not you can seal a contract within the bracket mentioned by your scout. I always drive a hard bargain, as remember that is whatt the agent is doing with you. Start low and increase slowly knowing the wage that you will accept. As mentioned better to crank up the agent fees as a one off than give a player an extra 15k a week which will add up to more in long run. Offering contracts to existing players - Unless the player is either indispensible or a wonderkid in the making just let the contract run down right up to the last 6 months if you have to. I am Liverpool and Carra wanted over 100K for 2 years but is on the downslide and well over 30. So i waited and waited and eventually he signed for 2 years on about 45k. I admit it is more difficult with youngsters, but i suppose that is quite good for the game and stops everyone buying every wonderkid going. You have to make big decisions on who is definately going to play for your first team in the future or not.
  15. Form of players solved?

    I understand what you mean. But could there be a way in which this can change in the game so that a players form could improve over time? ie sometimes players need new challenges, played in favoured position etc. I just meant that whenever you start a new game it would be good if the latest patch could cover the current form of players at that time. As a side issue do you think that with the Jan window patch, whatever team you start with in a new game, the current team postion and points total should apply. Seems unrealistic to have for example Andy Carroll and Suarez from the beginning of the season when clearly Liverpool did not have them then. Or at least the choice?