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  1. Cheers Dec, I was going to post it on vibe this morning so saved me a job
  2. I tried the work around and it hasnt worked for me, can you post an example, i.e I am Newcastle which is badge club_688
  3. Yeah I was a little disappointed that they never sorted the issue with stats changing when you edit players, thought as that was a bug rather than a new feature it would have bee sorted....
  4. Yeah dont touch the name, just things like the kits, but I have tested it and it happens when you edit everything, tried saving and restarting in case it was a cache issue, could try recopying over the badge and see if that sorts the issue.
  5. Hi, Not sure if this is the correct thread, but I have found a bug, when you use the ingame editor for the club it removes certain aspects like the badge etc. Ed
  6. Hi, I have purchased the in game editor, but when I transfers a player to a different team, or change their playing positions their stats change! Why does that happen and how do you stop it? Cheers Ed
  7. Yeah I saw that one but I cannot register, issue with the captcha bit, tried 3 different browsers just in case it was that, also tried from my PC and Tablet...
  8. Hi, Is there anyway you can download kits / logos etc for FMM like you can for Touch and FM? Thx
  9. OK cheers HUNT3R, enjoying playing the mobile version anyway, didn't think I would with so much stripped out... probably end up coming back to Touch on my PC
  10. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, I have been playing Classic (Touch) but have recently got a tablet so thought I would have a go at FMM... I see that I can get touch also on the tablet, one query I had was in FMM you can have a pre=game editor, is that also available for touch on the tablet? (I know it isn't on the PC). Thx
  11. Hi, Thinking of getting the mobile version (currently playing Touch) are there unlockables available and if so where can I find a list of what is available? Thx
  12. Hi, I you player a higher line should you always use offside trap, or will leaving this unticked mean that your defenders concentrate on their attackers rather than playing as a unit and trying to catch them offside. Thx
  13. Hi, Just curious how you are assigning tackling this year, normally I use stay on feet so not to give fouls away, but this year it seems that assigning this just means, dont tackle as my players are just standing off and blocking... Thx
  14. Hi, I am ok setting up tactics but I am rubbish at using the scouting report / changing the game with shouts... so does the below make sense? 1. I look at the scout report and if they conceed more goals down the wings I change passing to the flanks, same if they conceed through the middle 2. If the opposition sit back I use run at defense more to try and cause / create problems 3. If they have had a man sent off or they are pushing forward I use pass into space to take advantage 4. If I am getting hamerred for posession I use retain Do these make sense. Thx
  15. I cannot work out which is best BWM-D or CM-D, the BWM-D is great for winning back posession but he also goes walk about to much...
  16. I have a good RPM but never used the role, which defensive / sitting role best suits this type of player? Thx
  17. I have had some progress with this tactic, I got rid of the 2 x BWM as my team was far to open as suggeted by RTH, so everything is the same except I play the midfield triangle with CM-D, DLP-S and an AM-A, so I have more creativity with the DLP while still having 2 centre mids who protect the CDs, plus I have an extra body in the box with the AM. Played 21 games, won 16, drawn 1 and lost 4... top of the table going into January by 7 points and with the best defense in the league. Other change I made was I no longer change the playing direction, I always go through the middle... but if I p
  18. Yeah I tried this last year and failed, only way I could get 2 defensive CMs was to play CM-D and BWM-S, even then it wasnt great...
  19. I thought they would as well RTH but I think the more sitting off approach seems to work ok / restrict this somehow, I have just drawn 2-2 away to Everton who are top of the league, both of their goals (and the goal Man U scored) came from free kicks, so thats 5 games and no one has been able to score in open play... I was kinda trying to match Man City in real life who play with Fernando and Fernandino as two defensive minded CMs, will see what happens after the first season...
  20. Just thought I would update this, I tried a few different things and took some of the feedback, this is working (albeit after 4 games!) and to be honest not sure if it is just a lucky run or not... Formation 4-4-1-1 GK-D FB-AU CD-D CD-D FB-AU WM-A BWM-D BWM-D WM-A EG-A F9-S I use control and counter depending on whether I am the stronger team, Control instructions are: Lower tempo Balanced width Slighty deeper defensive line Somtimes closing down Stay on Feet Play out of defence Mixed passing Retain possession Work ball into box Look for overlap Stick to positions Onl
  21. So what about overlapping, would using that on Counter attack contradict the counter then, I have always seen overlapping as a possession instructions to create movement and greater numbers around the final 3rd...
  22. Ah ok, I am struggling to decide on 2 positions at the mo, one of which is whether to play with a DLF-S or an F9... so I will take that into consideration as well
  23. Hi The Hand of God, thanks for this explanation , I have a curious query in that I was counter attacking really well but sometimes it just lead to losing the ball, I tried work into the box, which I guess in real terms means dont waste opportunities and it has improved my attacking in those situations where the counter has not worked... would you expect to see that?
  24. Another query, can you play a deeper defensive line and use the control preset? I know the whole point of Control is that you pressure the opposition, but I am getting caught on the counter with through balls, I thought it was linked to closing down but if I can drop a little deeper it should fix the problem, but wasnt sure if that would affect other parts of the tactic!!!
  25. Thanks Jimmeth1985 I tend to have me DF live slighlty deeper on counter and slightly higher on control, but sometimes change it depending on who I am playing, they are just a general starting rule...
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