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  1. I had the same when Accrington got promoted to Championship - seems to be a bug.
  2. I had been slowly preparing for hard brexit by buying a lot of British talents. However, I ended up getting soft brexit, so now I'm only focusing on getting CHG/HG players in general.
  3. It'll ruin a lot more than than once it actually happens IRL.
  4. I play him as AML (Winger/attack). He also takes all corners and free kicks. Basically I got him as my direct replacement for Coutinho when I sold him off.
  5. January 2022 came and went, and I did a bit of housekeeping. Clyne went to Betis on loan for the rest of the season. I hope to sell him in the summer. Sturridge and Lovren, both returned to the club on free transfers in July 2021, have both agreed to move to the USA. They will leave mid-February. Will Hughes got tired of being behind Dele Alli, and left for Watford for £20M. And finally, I got an offer of £30M for Sadio Mané from Real. Now, Mané is a good player, granted. But he's also 29, and I've got two very talented right-wingers ready to take his place. So off he went. My first choice right-winger is now Pau Nevado, a 21-year old Spanish super-talent who've been with me since summer 2018. My backup is a LFC youth newgen called Joshua Crompton. He looks good, but not as good as Pau. Both these kids are club homegrowns I got a new Brazilian supertalent who's going to fight with Thiago Maia for my regista spot. At this point the only non-homegrown players in my 23-man first team squad are: Thiago Maia, Daniele Rugani, Thomas Lemar and Ivandilson (newgen). Lemar is btw immense. He won the Ballon D'or, even. This season so far: 28 games, 15 goals, 18 assists. Last season: 38 games, 21 goals, 19 assists. Wilfried Thomas, my striker-talent, has taken fully over from Firmino. This season so far: 29 games, 27 goals and 10 assists. If he continues like this, he might actually end up threatening Roger Hunt. Heh as 56 PL-goals for LFC at age 20, so 189 goals to go and at least 10 years left of his career, if not more.
  6. Late November 2021 here. This season has so far given me nothing but victories. 27 games won in a row and counting - next up, home games v Everton and Accrington (League Cup). The last game I didn't win was a 0-1 defeat to Hull back in mid-April. My 23-man first team squad has 9 Club Homegrown players and 8 Nation Homegrown players at this point. My 30-man U-23 team (with loads loaned out) has 16 Club homegrowns, several of which are severely knocking on the door for the first team squad. My U18 squad is basically only club HG's, with a few to become so within 2½ years. I haven't really got any big plans regarding getting new people in as such. I've got a few older players that I'm expecting to say farewell to in the summer - Sturridge, Lovren, Clyne, if I can find any takers. Sturridge and Lovren both came back on free transfers to give a bit of experience to the squad, but they haven't really been needed as such. Clyne has been kicked off the team by Trent Alexander-Arnold, and I've got a young belgian right-back who really deserves Clynes first team spot by now. Will Hughes is leaving me in January. He never managed to beat out Isco or Dele Alli for the playmaker spot in midfield, and I've got a few talents coming up that basically tells me he'll never be a proper regular with me. He's going to Watford for £20M, making this the fourth player Watford's bought from me in 3 years (Joe Gomez, Jed Winks (newgen), Caomhin Kelleher being the three first). UPDATE: Beat Everton without problems. I also just noticed, Man City is doing absolutely horribly this season. After 14 games played, they're 17th! And Chelsea's 10th! The "new money" clubs are having some trouble rebuilding their squads with new managers all the time etc. Top team manager history since game start summer 16: City has swapped a lot: Guardiola: 1½ years. Then van Gaal for a year. Then Mircea Lucescu for 1½ years (won EFL Cup). Then Paulo Fonseca for 1½ years (won FA Cup). Right now, Alex Inglethorpe is caretaker manager. Chelsea's had Klopp as manager for little over four years now. He managed to win the FA Cup in '18, but otherwise, no trophies whatsoever. Spurs have stuck with Pochettino for 7 years now. In which he's given them one EFL Cup trophy. In Arsenal, Wenger stopped summer '18, after winning the Europa League. Joachim Löw took over, and has been there for 3½ years now, winning Champions League in '21. Man Utd have stuck with Mourinho for 5½ years. He's won the PL once, in '17, but other than that I can't imagine why they're so happy with him. And then of course Liverpool and myself: 4 times PL, Community shield 5 times, 1 CL, 1 World Club Cup, 1 euro Super Cup, 2 FA Cup and 3 EFL Cup.
  7. I sold Coutinho for £80M and brought in Thomas Lemar instead. Lemar is just as good as Coutinho plus he's a MASSIVE threat on free-kicks. With Lemar and Ojo, I haven't missed Coutinho at all.
  8. I just finished up my fifth season. Won the Premier League for the fourth time in a row, but didn't win anything else. Got kicked out of both FA Cup and ChL by Man Utd, who keeps being my strongest rival, mostly because of De Gea. I sold off Isco and Roberto Firmino (£60M each), and bought back Dele Alli to replace Isco. (I had sold Alli to Real ½ a year earlier). Firmino was already basically replaced by super-regen Wilfried Thomas. My starting lineup these days are: Donnarumma - Trent, Rugani, Stones, Grimaldo - Maia - Alli, Henderson - Mane, Lemar - Thomas.
  9. Wahoo! I got the nice Brexit, no changes to foreign players or work permit system from EU.
  10. Right. My fourth season in charge has ended. The league was a record-beating awesomeness with 33 wins and 5 draws, making me win it with 22 points margin to second-placed Man U: I also won FA Cup, Club World Cup, Super Cup, Charity Shield. Lost 2-1 to FC Bayern in the CL final, but I'm pretty happy with the haul in general Some of my young talents are properly breaking through now. Trent Alexander has taken over from Clyne on Right-back, while Wilfried Thomas is my first-choice backup for Firmino. Lucas Moura has been sold off to give space for my next big talent, Pau Nevado, in the first team squad: I have a boatload of talents who are having a hard time getting work permits, which annoys me endlessly, as I'd love to get several of those kids in my squad. I've decided that I need to slowly starting cleaning them out if it doesn't seem like there's any realistic chance of them ever getting a work permit. First one to go is goalie Soumahoro. He has a wp now, but has been refused a new one whenever I try to renew his contract, so off to Sassuolo he goes for £8M. Pretty decent profit, as I bought him for £750k two years ago.
  11. My sales in my current ongoing LFC save. I do not have China/USA loaded. I've got 11 nations and 15 leagues. In other words, I am certainly not experiencing the same problem with selling players. Season 1: Lucas, to China, £11M Tiago Ilori, Villa, £1.5M Klavan, Celta, £7M Moreno, So'ton, £15M Season 2: Lallana, Marseille, £30M Sakho, Barca, £19M Mignolet, Milan, £8M Can, PSG, £70M Lovren, PSG, £33M Karius, Sheff W, £8M Ings, Hoffenheim, £7M Wijnaldum, Shakhtar, £15M Stewart, Stoke, £4M Ward, WBA, £1.5M Sturridge, So'ton, £20M Allan, Vancouver, £500k Season 3: Coutinho, Real, £80M Randall, Bolton, £94K Jones, Ross, £40k Fulton, Millwall, £20k Wisdom, Fulham, £1M Maicon, Fiorentina, £5M Markovic, Hoffenheim, £4M Grujic, Hannover, £4M Adekanye, Lugo, £50k Hennessey, Olypmiakos, £500k Chirivella, Stoke, £10M Gomes, Oxford, £100k Origi, Atletico, £57M Season 4: Kent, Birmingham, £4M Cathcart, So'ton, £5M Grabara, Dundee, £40k Ejaria, Derby, £300k Camacho, Charlton, £40k Wilson, Reading, £1.2M Brannagan, Stoke, £13M Guidetti, Napoli, £20M Gomez, Watford, £33M Butland, Schalke, £20M
  12. Nope. Injuries can reduce the chance of the player REACHING the PA set in the database. But the PA is a completely static piece of data, once a player has gotten a PA set by the game, that PA will never, ever change, no matter what happens. Do note that I am talking about the actual hidden number in the database, not any coach or scout assessment in game, as that is a completely different thing from the PA number.
  13. February 2020, transfer window just closed. Grabbed John Stones for £50M after I had spent a good year on unsettling him. Out went Butland for £20M (he wanted out as he couldn't compete with The Don), Gomez for £33M (again, couldn't compete with Rugani, Matip and Stones + several bigger talents on the way) and Guidetti for £20M (bad buy, but at least I didn't lose money on him.)
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