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    Live for football!!!!!!!!!!

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    Leicerster city,rangers
  1. I beat barcalona with real madrid four times in one season and three of them were 5-0 not bad i say.
  2. Maxim Shatskikh 53 goals in one season

    got the screenshot it took me a while to find out how do do it
  3. I always sing him have done in every game since 03 guaranteed goals for any club http://i.imgur.com/LSeEG.png[/img]"]http://
  4. Looking to see what everyone does to get a club making money.
  5. The english championship is so hard

    Think i will start a new save with leicester tonight and see how i get on.
  6. The english championship is so hard

    not a chance lol.
  7. The english championship is so hard

    How did you get on in the prem with burnley?
  8. The english championship is so hard

    I will give it more time but with the team i have i should not struggle as bad as im doing.
  9. The english championship is so hard

    You are probs right but i dont struggle in other divisions its just that one what formations do use both play with if you dont mind me asking?
  10. Im playing with leicester just cant seem to keep a run goin find it so frustrating ive tried evry tactic on the forums and my own and its just not goin my way is it just me or are other people experianceing this:mad:
  11. Players to look for in next patch

    Andy King for leicester he has been amazing so far scoring all the time from midfield.
  12. I used be addicted

    I think you are right it is all about team talks and moral i think they have tried to hard on this game. you can never be to old for fm:)
  13. I used be addicted

    True thare r so many small thing that get on my nervs with this game like the ai get used to your tactics after 1 or 2 games then its back to the drawing board.
  14. I used to play it all the time but the last to football managers have not got me hooked is it just me?