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  1. Hello Timo and thanks for your big job. In Cyprus i found that after the leagus is split in 2 parts, the relegation group starts from 0 points everybody, but in reality they keep the points that they got in the 22 matches, can you fix it? thanks
  2. about this topic can someone help me? I would have the top part of Flutskin in Yacs skin with big logos, stadium pic, and calendar. How can i do it? thanks
  3. It works now! thanks! can i know the name of panel that i sent before?
  4. Could i know also which panel is this? and how is possible to change background?
  5. just a problem, why this numbers are black? it could be better if they are white? thanks
  6. Could be nice to have the stadium pic background there Thanks it changed just for that panel, but on the other panels of match between highlights it doesn't work yet-
  7. Hi Khalev thanks for your work. I have problem with panel during match. Summary doesn't work could you please help me? thanks
  8. Thanks for this skin that looks great!!!!!! 2 questions -i have DAZS8 background pack but i don't see it in this skin, Is it possible to make them working? -is possible to have not automatically hide sidebar? thanks so much and i hope you will update the skin in the long term :)
  9. I'm playing a save game with new patch and it seems that match engine is much better even if there are not many shots not on target. But matches are very nice now with a lot of opportuinities for both teams.
  10. Can someone do a Christmas skin? i remember someone did for FM 2005 it was awesome
  11. i'm the only one that noticed in past editions "speed between event" was faster? In this edition match is really long
  12. so for FM 16 i should just overwrite textures in pitch folder? i did it and then i overwrite the other 4 files but crash
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