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  1. Oh for the days when you went to the shop, bought the game, went home, put it into your pc, loaded it, and then played it. Alas no more.
  2. I've had it just happen to me in my Man City save.
  3. Problem with FM is that there is no real competition.
  4. In my Man City save , I also had to play outside my home town when the stadium as being expanded.
  5. Man City v West Brom. The kits are the same.. How can I change this?
  6. Yes I used fluid, and picked the line up according to your advice. I have the newest version of the tactic, so I don't know. I will try some tweaks and see if it will improve..
  7. Well I gave this a try with Man City and it is, well awful. Played 6, won 1 drawn 4 lost 1.
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