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  1. Hello.... Any news from this? Which file caused crash dump? i want to remove it from my editor data folder. Should i upload my editor data files in here too? Thanks in advance
  2. I also tried clearing the caches and preferences, but it still crashed and this time the crash occurred on December 31, 2018, around 7 am in-game time.
  3. Ok, i have uploaded again to the SI Cloud Service, My save game is Journeyman 18.
  4. My game keeps crashing on the 30th of December 2018 and can't go further, I have been using an editor data files, most of them are editor data files for new leagues and competitions. My saved game is called "Journeyman-VfL Osnabrück.fm" and I've uploaded my saved game to the SI Cloud. DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.2.1.1177438 (2019.01.01 23.46.16).dmp
  5. I Found Duplicated Person - Akira Nishino (ID: 3900664 & 1915390774)
  6. All the award winners for 2017 AFC Champions League & AFC Cup are missing
  7. Please remove U21 League from Indonesia, Since few years ago we have no league for U21, In Indonesia they have U19 and U16 League. But in FM you don't have U16 team.... So it is impossible to have Indonesian U16 League......... and i think its okay to just add Indonesian U19 League. https://liga-indonesia.id/klasemen/liga-1-u-19/babak-pendahuluan
  8. Me too i have that in my current save and i think it is a bug, in indonesian league that rule is not exist, In Indonesian League this season they have no age restrictions in match squad rules. Even i try to re-created Indonesian League from scratch with pre-game editor and that rules is still there. like you said that age restrictions rule doesn't implement in game, it is just the text. hope they will remove it in next update.
  9. I think there is nothing wrong with that, in default db Corbin-Ong and Natxo Insa have Malaysian as their second nationality, in your screenshot JDT fielded only 4 foreign players (Non-Asian Foreign: Elizari, Ontivero, Marquez & Asian Foreign: Cabrera - he is Argentinian-Iraqi Nationality).
  10. And club from some nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines etc... did not dropped down to AFC Cup group stage when they were eliminated from AFC Champions League preliminary Round. in real life clubs from 16th place to 25th place of current AFC Club Competitions Ranking have 2 comps slots for AFC CL preliminary and AFC Cup Group Stage. if they knocked out from ACL Preliminary they will dropped down to AFC Cup Group Stage. Its same like in European UEFA CL playoffs some teams that eliminated from UCL Playoffs will dropped down to UEFA Europa League Group Stage.... For more details you can look and download the file on AFC Website about AFC Club Competitions Ranking.
  11. In Every FM edition I always use In-Game Editor, the things I do are updating or transfer players & managers based on real world. And also I use In Game Editor to transfer national team managers. Because some national teams except European countries, always appoint a regen manager with no coaching experience and low reputation as their national team manager if the current manager is sacked or resigns, in real life that is not gonna happen. for example: When Marcelo Lippi resigns or retire from the Chinese National Team, the AI always appoint Chinese regen managers with no coaching & playing experience and have very low reputation as their national team manager. so with In Game Editor I can help them to find good experience managers and high reputation managers to make the game looks more realistic. And also editing some mistakes on DB, i hope in the future In Game Editor will have full feature like Pre-Game Editor. like editing rules in competitions, Add Histories of Players & Staffs, etc.
  12. Not 100% sure yet, but if you look at the FM 2019 database in sortitoutsi.net for example here: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/team/106844/vissel-kobe the japanese players and staffs included in the game and also there is Andres Iniesta and Lukas Podolski in there. You can explore more in here: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/league/102428/japanese-n-league-division-one click all the clubs and you will find all players and staffs in J.League this season, but still no confirmation from SI if players and staffs in J.League will be in this year FM or not.
  13. These nine Brazilian-born players should be banned from International matches & East Timor National Team Diogo Santos Rangel (Diogo Rangel - 41039986) Fellipe Bertoldo Do Santos (Fellipe Bertoldo - 19101024) Jairo Pinheiro Palmeira Neto (Jairo Neto - 23320578) Junior Aparecido Guimaro De Souza (Juninho Souza - 19010933) Patrick Fabiano Alves Nobrega Luz (Patrick Alves - 23092840) Paulo Cesar Da Silva Martins (Paulo Martins - 23211204) Paulo Helber Rosa Ribeiro (Paulo Helber - 19139408) Ramon De Lima Saro (Ramon Saro - 23320601) Rodrigo Sousa Silva (Rodriginho - 19001687) In March 2017, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) found they were playing under fake East Timor passports and now their their passports has declared as ‘null and void’ http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2017/03/22/afc-blacklists-timor-leste-players-faked-passports-declared-null-void/ And also please remove Javanese language from East Timor as their third language, people in there doesn't speak java, that language come from Java Island in western part of Indonesia, its 2600 km away from East Timor. East Timor have two official languages: Portuguese and Tetum. English and Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) are sometimes used. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Timor#Languages And also please remove This east timor team: PSIP Pemalang - 23163384 they are the duplicated teams from third division indonesian team which have same name (PSIP - 41061716) they are football club from Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia currently playing in Indonesian Liga 3. https://www.facebook.com/psipofficial/ http://kampiun.id/nasional/07/psip-pemalang-juara-liga-3-jawa-tengah/
  14. Indonesian League Two - 41042740 rules for classification are incorrect. League sorting rules for Indonesian League Two should be like this: 1) Points; 2) Head-to-head; 3) Goal difference; 4) Goal scored; 5) Drawing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Liga_2#First_round https://int.soccerway.com/national/indonesia/divisi-utama/2018/3rd-round/r45967/
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