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  1. Haven't posted on here for while ( probably due to the reason I was sacked.) but you'll be happy to know the mancs haven't won a title since 2009 p.s It was me who won the 5 in a row
  2. [FM11] C'mon!

    Good start What's the plan? take Bromley to the top or are you planning to have a journey man career?
  3. Are you an English club? I be you are cause Messi is to weak to play in England!
  4. Just Un - locked the double hat trick with de vito striking 7 against a 8 - 0 win over Portsmouth
  5. Haven't posted in ages, anyway, Stevie G is now assistant manager
  6. De Vito out for 3 months, Neymar out for 4 months, Caicedo out for 1 month, got no decent strikers available, I now know what it feels like to be Sunderland!!
  7. So true, My main strikers out until December (currently in October, he was injured in September)
  8. Massive blow, De vito is out for 4 months!!! it is okay cause I'll put Neymar upfront and Give Shelvy a chance to show me what he can do as an AMC HAHAHA scored a hat trick in the first half of his first game
  9. Andrea de vito got into the 'Legend' status at the age of 20!!!
  10. Un - related topic: how do you turn faces on/off mine have suddenly turned off ?
  11. Neymar scored A hat trick on his Anfield debut
  12. Italian Regan De Vito scored a hat trick in the brilliant ECC final
  13. SO MANY INJURIES!!! I have to play half of the reserves!!!
  14. Italian Regan de vito on form scoring his hat trick within half a hour