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  1. @Perb I just found your topic. I was having the same problem with my save. 4123 or 4231, quite successful at the beginning of the season and then disasters in January / February. I went 7-10 matches without a win in two separate seasons, everything just fell apart. Have you continued to make it better in past month? What have you learned since?
  2. These are my stats for Bologna, first season, after 31 games. Free kick crosses: scored 3 : conceded 7 From corners: scored 3 : conceded 2 I thought I should improve defending FKs, but I can understand from the above it is not bad at all. For corners, I have set up my own routine and having conceding only 2, I presume this works fine. I do have tall defenders - both DCs, but my DL is also 192cm and good in heading/jumping. I put defender with high heading and jumping reach on the near 6m zonal marking wingback or DMC with good heading in the 6m center, zonal one of the wingbacks with better heading goes to far 6m, zonal I don't put people on posts, haven't seen a situation where this can help Second DC is man-marking tall player, second wing-back man-marking One winger edge of the box, striker up-front and all the rest "go back" FKs I have left on default, but am trying to improve now. I will try with putting two players on 6m same as with corners, as I have gone through all the goals conceded and have noticed that most they scored, they scored from wide FKs. Maybe you can do that? It did not take me more then an hour to go through all the goals in 31 games and right down how they were scored?
  3. Yes, you could be right. I am trying to hold it together (except I am not going to press conferences), but morale is not high after losing few in the row. There are few of old players with high influence who are not satisfied with "depth of the squad", Soriano wants new big contract (already the highest paid player and not showing for it) and this seems to rub into the others... Still, I would love to spend some time fixing those wingbacks cutting in and crossing to the other side.
  4. Hey. I am struggling with this one as well. Actually, most of the goals I concede, are coming from opposing backs running into the space. Usually, they are 2 to 1 to my back, with my winger staying up, or they are running into the space on the other side and scoring. I put some images with examples here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/517561-full-season-tactical-analysis-tactics-goals/ Did you manage to find better solution since your post? I am also not too keen on setting my wingers on man-marking.
  5. And finally, I wanted to solve the problem with opposing DL/DR actions. Here are some goals which are showing problems with closing opposing full-backs. Here, the opposing DR (16) is running into the space, while my winger (36) stays very wide, wondering. The unopposed cross to Ronaldo's head and that is it. Why is my winger staying up (he has Wsu role)? Why does not he follow? And should my And MC (16) be lower to help and close this hole? My DMC (17) is too deep, he is not helping in this situation at all. Second example, their DL (8) is getting high up, with my DR (2) getting there to stop him. Everything ok so far, but my guy is not close enough to stop the cross. He is standing near but doing nothing. What is worse, Inter's DR (33) is quickly running into the box from the far away, while my DL (35) and WL (36) are not doing anything to stop his run. He is heading it into my goalkeeper's right corner. Should I defend wider? Or get my left winger to man-mark full-backs which are so adventurous like this one? Third example, similar situation. First, what should I do for my right winger (7) to stop opposing DL (12)? He just ran there and flew by him. Should he close down less or get tackle easier PI? Their DL is alone, again, crossing the ball to the far right, where opposing DR (19) is making similar run as above and scoring an easy shot. So, I am thinking along: putting both my wingers on man-mark specific player playing wider defense my DR and DL should get tight-marking instructions opposing DL and DR should get always close down opposition instructions Stopping these kind of goals would probably mean 8-10 points more in the season.
  6. As just comparing tactics did not help, I went through highlights of 31 matches and made a list how goals were scored. This finally gave me some concrete information which I could work on. First, how goals were scored. Shots 10-16m: Bologna 9 : opponent 8 Headers 5m: 7 : 3 Headers 8m+: 7 : 12 (!) penalties: 5 : 3 Shots 5-10m: 4 : 5 1-1 counter: 3 : 4 long shots: 2 : 5 (!) running into space: 2 : 3 Scoring: I was surprised that only 3 goals came from clear 1-1 chances from a counter-attack. Having a quick attackers and trying to focus on breakaway attacks from the defense, this should be more? Headers are surprising effective despite not having tall attackers. For most of the season I used "whipped" crosses. Also, all 7 of my 8m+ headers were scored by wingers (IF or W) Defending: We are doing poor job closing long shots. I presume higher defensive line would help, but I already conceived 7 from counters and through balls. Would only always closing down AMC/MC be good enough? Most goals I conceived from long headers. Defensive tight marking or higher defensive line again? Even more helpful was to look what preceded the goal itself. Def error or rebound: Bologna 2 : opponent 2 DR/DL crosses: 6 : 12 AML/AMR crosses: 11 : 4 Free kick crosses: 3 : 7 From corners: 3 : 2 Through ball: 6 : 5 Pass into space: 2 : 3 Solo dribbling: 0 : 6 Scoring: Obviously, my wingers are the main threat, so I should focus on using them even more in next season Why there were no solo actions to produce goals? Most of my dribblers are robbed away the ball when they come into the box. They are not so bad in dribbling attributes Through ball is the real threat. 6 of those were scored by wingers running into empty space. Maybe I can move-into-channels even more? How to tell my midfielders to pass low and look for such opportunities? Defending (or the lack of it?): Defending crosses from the free kicks is the real problem. I have focused on adjusting defending corners set-up and this helped, but will need to focus on FKs as well DR/DL crosses are the biggest problems - more in the third post. When looking at highlights, I once again concluded that my FBs are left alone versus 2 players (W & FB). Should my wingers man-mark specific player all the time? I have tried closing them down and tight-marking them, with no good results Opponents' dribblings are big problems, my players don't seem to be able to stop them sometimes. Should I tell them to get stuck in or would tight marking help here as well? Am I thinking in the right directions? Any other ideas guys?
  7. Following from two recent threads, where I was asking for help for my unsuccessful Bologna campaign, I restarted the game with the same club, trying to be more careful about tactical approach and spend more time with it. https://community.sigames.com/topic/516742-which-match-data-stats-to-look-at-to-find-why-tactic-doesnt-work https://community.sigames.com/topic/516383-unable-to-recognize-tactical-problems-help-needed-bologna-4-1-2-3 The season started good, I even spent some time in top 5, but 31 games into the season, after two series of bad results (first 3D and 4L and then straight 7L) I am back to 12th position, same as in the previous save. I have watched every match for 15 minutes in full, tried to make some tweaks and then continued with comprehensive highlights... I am now devastated that hours of working on tactics did not produce any results! How is this possible? Is it that I am completely blind? Or is FM tactical side more luck then hard work? I wanted to take time and analyze what was going. First, I listed all the results in the season and tried to find out how tactics affected them. Here is the first tactic, which I used in 18 matches, with small changes and tweaks. 5W, 5D, 8L (1.11 pts/game). 31 clear+half chances (1,72/gm) against 34 (1,89) of the opponent I played it 6 times in home games (1W, 2D, 3L - 0,83 points per game) and chances were abysmal: only 8 chances produced in total (against 11) Tactics faced? I did not learn much from this. Most of the time, I faced 532wb (or variant): 3W, 2D, 3L (21:14 chances). 4123 in 3 matches (0-2-1, chances 1:1 in total). Against 4312, I played twice, 1W and 1L (chances 2:9!). Is at least this giving me some insight? Don't use 4123 against 4312? True, I've used this formation against stronger opponents, but still the result is quite poor, especially after surprising wins against Juventus and Inter using this tactic at the beginning of the season. The second tactic I used was 4231 - it looked something like this most of the time for 13 matches. 6W, 1D, 6L (1,46 pts/game). It seems this was all-or-nothing approach, I either win or lose 34 chances (2,61 per game) against 26 of the opponent (2,00) Home games: 5-1-4 (1,6 pts/game), 32:19 in chances created Tactics faced? It seems that this does not work against 4231 (6:11 in chances). Something to do with AMC and lack of DMC in my tactics? 41212 (diamong), 12:6 in chances. Obviously my wingers and full backs are able to use space available there? However, I used this tactic in 10 home matches and only 3 away ones. I also used it against similar or weaker teams, so more efficiency might not mean anything. Also, I lost two home games against relegation teams recently. As I was not able to learn much from here, I went to phase 2 - I made a list of all the goals through the season and how they were scored. Second post will be about that.
  8. Ok, someone might call this semantics. I wanted to say that you were persistant enough that I might try to employ 4123 formation, which I tried for days and could not get it working. It is working now and I was trying to analyze what I changed in my tactic in comparison to the one we have chatted above.
  9. Bologna is back! Well, I wanted to report back. I have started my new save with Bologna and things are going much better. Lot of this due to the change in thinking caused by @Experienced Defender, thank you man, but also due to taking more time to think about the tactics. I am now watching first 15 min of each game in full match in 2D, trying to sort out things I might have noticed. I still don't understand everything, but it helps. After 8 matchdays in Serie A, I am in excellent 4th position, despite having very difficult schedule, playing Fiorentina & Inter away and Juve & Roma at home. Maybe something here will help someone. I am still empoying two tactics. The first one is attacking, where I am trying to impose my style, overwhelm the opponent and trying to create high number of quality chances. This is employed vs teams of lower reputation and quality, or versus those equal to me, when playing in front of my 25,000 - 30,000 tifosi. Well, there are actually two versions of the same tactics, I will usually use left one and could switch to number 2 during the match. How does this look like? It will usually bring big number of shots (15-25 per match) and good quality of clear-cut and half-chances (5-8 per match). The third tactic is the 4-1-2-3, which @Experienced Defender was suggesting I should take, but which I was struggling to get to work in previous match. So, what did I change? I might play with two tougher players in CM - Medel & Poli both have high work rate, determination, teamwork... While these might not be the most creative midfield, they get the job done, close the center. If playing against not so imposing opposition, I might change Poli with more creative one, Mezzala maybe. All in all, squad is much more experienced - Medel, Danilo, Poli are 30 years old or more, with Palacio (37) coming from the bench. Maybe this helps? Left winger is surprising good. He is quite average player, in reality, looking at his attributes, but he is good in defense and can run with the ball. In two matches, he has tackled the ball, taken it into opposition half and centered, resulting twice in opening goals. And against Juve, he scored a winning goal in 90th minute. This is something which can not be explained by attributes, even his ratings are average, but looking at key moments in the matches, he might have been responsible for 9 points! In previous save, I would have chosen creative and attacking minded player, expecting this kind of results and they did not materialise. Right winger is creative IF (Almada or Orsolini). I have given them "sit narrower" and "roam from position", while RB has got "overlap" instruction. The change with "roaming" works very well with these kind of players, at least. I am pressing much less. I might mark opposing full-backs tightly. I am using "regroup" team instruction and have turned off "counter" TI. Actually, lot of changes to make this one work, comparing to previous tactic. Here are last two matches Actually, I hate these kind of games, usually I am on the other side of these stats... What does not work (yet)? Well, I have problems in including my DLPde (Dominguez) in the game. He should be my best player, very creative, but so far 0 assists and 0 key passes Striker (Barrow) scored 3 in 8 matches, but is pretty much cut off most of the time. I have tried DLF during some matches, did not help My left MC which might play as mezzala (Soriano), is very poor. Has very solid attributes, does not work in any tactics. Not included in plays, poor ratings, making mistakes... Any thoughts?
  10. I've been looking through Youtube tips for FM2020. Well, most of them are focused on "wonderkids", but there is still some nice content. This is 10-minute video about analysing a tactic, which in part answers to the question I set. It speaks about using tactics and analysis to fix parts of the tactics:
  11. I get it, so instead of man marking, adjust opposition instructions. I do closing down sometimes, if I know before the match they are attacking via offensive FB/WBs. I did not ever use tight marking on FB/WBs, I was thinking this would stretch my shape as well. What I also don't ever do is tighter marking on players with high acceleration and high dribbling attributes. Am I doing this wrong way? I will try with player instructions as well. I presume it also depends on the player attributes, his playing style, how eager he is to close down and defend etc.
  12. @Kharza_FM, you've mentioned this last week. I have the same problem and the only way to solve it seems to pull my wingers back and/or get them to man mark the opposition wingback. I understand that you have a smarter solution for this?
  13. Ok, I get what you are saying. It is just that I was sad that changes did not work. I was not able to improve neither my game, neither results, despite some smart tips from you and @Vinay17. It was the same as I would continue to use my unbalanced tactics (well, in fact, it turned out to be worse) I'll keep on trying. I do play FM for some time already, I do understand basic things and I managed to get some very good results in some saves in past years. It could be that this version is different or that I have chosen particularly difficult challenge with Bologna.
  14. Does this mean that players are not used to new formation, if you are using two different ones? Both of them did have good tactical familiarity for the team, that wasn't the problem. Actually, the more attacking formation (4231) did give good results against weaker or similar oppositions, so I wanted to keep it and continue playing attacking football. The second more conservative formation was introduced on basis of your ideas, which sounded well, to switch to more defensive one against better opposition. It surely did not make sense to attack against Juvenus, Inter or Napoli, I agree to that. Thanks for the rest of the explanation, some ideas are helpful.
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