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  1. Man, I am giving away upvotes like candy in this thread. Great stuff. I have another tip from Rashidi - your DL is too high, if your defenders have to turn around and run back to get the high ball over your defence. Ideal DL height is when your defenders keep their eyes on the ball and walk backwards before heading the ball away.
  2. Wow, great topic! I was just yesterday scrolling through THOG's Lines and Diamonds and noticed 4-5-1 with winger in AM strata. I started to think about the variability of flat midfield trio and BAM!, you made this post to give me more food for thought. Thank you and please continue to create content like this. It is absolutely awesome!
  3. I think it is mostly affected by Squad Dynamics, mentor's age and his CA vs tutor's CA. Iconic players probably don't have problems with age or CA, so I guess you have to get them to higher level in squad hierarchy. Make them team captain / vice captain, try to gell them into the squad. After that they should have better impact as mentors.
  4. Hello. It is working after today's patch. Thank you!
  5. Hello. I would like to report that when I start FM Touch 19 demo from Steam, it crashes at loading screen. I tried to check integrity of the game, uninstal and instal again but it didn't help. I uploaded latest crash dump into attachments. FM 2019 Touch Demo v19.1.1.1159594 (2018.11.05 20.12.26).dmp
  6. I would love to see an article about that. I usually play cautious because I am the underdog but sometimes I think it would be better to lose all respect and kick opponent's @$$.
  7. Hello. I think you can't teach player contradicting PPMs. I guess you can't do much about it without unlearning it. If he is really good, you should think about building tactics around him - use him as DLF/S, DF, TM, Wide TM - any role that uses Hold up the ball as PI. Maybe try to get a better Attacking? coach to help him unlearn it (I'm not sure if this has any effect).
  8. You can assign shorter passes and fewer risky passes PI to defenders and then direct passing and more risky passes to your playmakers/players who are capable of doing them. But they would attempt these passes also from the deeper positions. Play through balls TI is effective when your team is sitting deep so there is enough space behind opposing defenders.
  9. Well you have to look at your players and see what they can to. I've never used Complete Forward in lower leagues, because usually my strikers don't have proper attributes for it. Sometimes it is tough to find wingers with good finishing for inside forwards, etc. At first you can try to create formation that fits your team. Or if you have budgets, you can get players that you need for your tactic. You should try to use fluid in LLM too. I've read here on forums that someone (can't remember the name) is using Very Fluid even in LLM and he doesn't have problems with it. I am currently also using fluid control 4-1-2-3 Wide formation in Slovak Second division (tier probably like League 2) and it is doing well. Just keep it simple.
  10. Thank you for sharing this post! I missed it previously and it is simply awesome. The behaviour is pretty obvious but it opened my eyes.
  11. 2. As Fhex mentioned, switching to WB/s should make them cross earlier than from byline (which you've already done) and it could help with their isolations because they will be a little lower in the field, closer to your CMs. Also if you have "Work ball into the box" TI active, it reduces long shots and crosses into the box, so wingbacks tend to wait and play a backpass to midfielders. 4. Does your AF have enough space for throughball to run onto? If not try to lower your defensive line to get more space behind defenders. Also you could try to add More Risky Passes PI to your CMs and DLF. In my save I noticed that my low vision (4) Defensive Forward wasn't playing any throughballs at all, so I switched him to DLFs which removed the Fewer Risky Passes PI. He started getting assists from that moment and everyone is happy.
  12. I play 5-1-2-2 (WB DM) and my DMs are few of my best players. They get assist, sometimes they even score a goal. I usually play them as regista, so they organize the attack from the deep, switching flanks, etc. They both have "Get further forward" PPM.
  13. I always go with KISS principle - "Keep It Simple, Stupid". I usually start with basic defensive/counter 4-4-2 with WM/wingers and TM/Poacher combo. Nothing fancy.
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