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  1. Man, I am giving away upvotes like candy in this thread. Great stuff. I have another tip from Rashidi - your DL is too high, if your defenders have to turn around and run back to get the high ball over your defence. Ideal DL height is when your defenders keep their eyes on the ball and walk backwards before heading the ball away.
  2. Wow, great topic! I was just yesterday scrolling through THOG's Lines and Diamonds and noticed 4-5-1 with winger in AM strata. I started to think about the variability of flat midfield trio and BAM!, you made this post to give me more food for thought. Thank you and please continue to create content like this. It is absolutely awesome!
  3. I think it is mostly affected by Squad Dynamics, mentor's age and his CA vs tutor's CA. Iconic players probably don't have problems with age or CA, so I guess you have to get them to higher level in squad hierarchy. Make them team captain / vice captain, try to gell them into the squad. After that they should have better impact as mentors.
  4. You can assign shorter passes and fewer risky passes PI to defenders and then direct passing and more risky passes to your playmakers/players who are capable of doing them. But they would attempt these passes also from the deeper positions. Play through balls TI is effective when your team is sitting deep so there is enough space behind opposing defenders.
  5. How do automatic duties (CM, WB, FB) actually work? I'm currently working on 5-3-2/3-5-2 counter tactic in my save, so I would like to know all options for my WBs and CM. I think I know how defend, support, attack duties work, but I'm not sure about the automatic. Does it change according to Mentality settings? If so, how does it work for Counter? Thanks.
  6. You can try to criticize them after the bad match (as vasilli07 wrote) using the team talk after match or by having a private conversations with them.
  7. I found another great thread from Steven. Meet The Striker http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/258643-Meet-The-Striker In his own words: "Be warned, this post is a monster."
  8. you can do it also ingame - on tactics screen select options button under your starting tactics and choose manage tactics
  9. @Flohrinho I think that if you manually adjust all settings in advanced tab, you will not see a difference when you change the player role. Those manual settings are overriding the default ones. IMO even the shouts won't have any effect.
  10. Thank you Heath. I was thinking about making similar list for myself. I am still getting inspired by Steven's posts and I'm trying to learn from them as much as I can.
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