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  1. I'm trying to make them shorter... I promise Cheers for the shout out!
  2. Hey guys, Purchased the app yesterday, it's awesome however I noticed I can't drag player positions. So for example yesterday, I was 2-0 up with 10 minutes to go and I wanted to drop my second striker to become a defensive midfielder. However the only way this was possible was to change the formation using the drop down thing which completely reset all my team instructions & player instructions... Whilst on PC you can obviously just drag the player and change his position, keeping everything the same. Am I missing out on something here or is this functionality genuinely not available on the iPad? Cheers
  3. I emulated Mourinho previously in FM13/14 and decided to quickly crack his current approach this season. Still a work in progress but working like a charm and almost there so far. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-15-tactics/200166-%5B15-1-4%5D-jos%C3%89-special-one-mourinho.html Enjoy
  4. Out of interest guys, has anybody experienced a ton of situations where your team "switches play" and your full back gets the ball on the wing of their favoured foot, has nobody near him, plenty of time then his first touch is so bad the ball bounces about 2 meters off him and lets the team counter attack you and score with a hoof over your two center backs? It's happening to me every match and I'm conceding because of it. Yes a solution is to stop my full backs going forward but they are an essential part of how I play and this continuous first touch issue where a light pass bounces back off them is getting frustrating to watch. Anybody else experiencing it with full backs specifically? (i know others have mentioned first touch in general being poor)
  5. Yep! I just wish there was something in the middle of both extremes. Or even a customisable game mode where you could choose what you want and what you don't want. But oh well! Full game it is then.
  6. FMC is almost ideal for me (tried it back in FM13) but what really messed things up for me was a lack of Opposition Instructions This year I want to play the game from a proper tactical perspective (watch 90mins of games, scout my opposition, tweak for each match etc) but I'm unsure if there are still no Opposition Instructions? If there are then I guess I'm stuck with the normal FM again this year D: Edit: Also I think FMC never had team talks back in the day too. Which is a huge part of the game for me lol
  7. I agree the finishing in 14 really put me off the game as well. Granted only played 14 for 1 week after release then took a large break from the game, but I know that even my brother used to miss way too many CCCs from time to time when I'd watch his teams play. I do think it'll be fixed come release though.
  8. Started a new save to try a short passing mentality without a Target Man this time to see if it will prevent players from hoofing. It did However, this save is also a superb example of why the beta as it stands right now is completely broken. My form was: DWDDL in the last 5 games. Each one of the goals conceded in those 5 games was A FREE KICK from 45yards+ out. No joke. In fact in the final game I conceded from 2 free kicks & a corner. If it wasn't for the direct free kicks going in helplessly, my form would've been WWWWL. Now regarding the final loss, these were the statistics for the match. Clear Cut Chances: ME - 9 OPPOSITION - 3 Guess what the final score was... yep 4-2 to the OPPOSITION. Now don't get me wrong, these things happen in football. I'm not one of those to sit and complain about realism. However, out of the 9 Clear Cut Chances, I'd say that EASILY 6 of them were 1v1 chances. 3 of which were blasted straight at the goalkeeper by Jordan Rhodes (The most clinical striker in the Championship and British top goalscorer last season) (Also believe he has the ball placement PPM or whatever it is & 16 Finishing & 16 Composure). 3 of which were blasted over the bar by Ben Marshall (Quality player at Championship level... c'mon now). Then some of the others were easy opportunities like I think there was one where Tom Cairney had an open net to shoot at and hit the post or something. Now my ridiculous missed opportunities (which happen a lot every match but happened too a ridiculous amount vs Derby) aside, let's look at the goals Derby scored. The first one was a direct free kick from about 35 yards out. The second one was a header from a corner. The third one was again from a free kick from about 40 yards out. The fourth one was a Derby long throw in, which went towards no Derby player in MY box, and my center back nicely side footed it in to OUR OWN GOAL. I would really like to share the PKM or whatever it is for this match so that the developers can take a look at it. I really feel like it is a great spectacle of football in 90 minutes as it summarises almost everything wrong with the beta match engine! I know you are aware of all of these issues but if they haven't been fixed yet, instead of complaining I can at least provide you with something to work from. I just need one of the mods to tell me what I need to do to export my findings to you. Thanks & apologies for even more complaints but let's be honest... it has to be done so that the final version of the game is fixed because this FM has the potential to become the best ever.
  9. Dunno. All I know is that for certain other games such as CS:GO, once you see something change there it means something is about to happen soon. However I don't think it is necessarily the case for FM since it is a beta still so it could be demo preparation.
  10. If it helps, you can see updates/changes committed here: https://steamdb.info/app/295270/history/ This suggests that yes there has been an update coming for a while but because the game isn't released, who knows when they'll roll everything out... Could just be preparation for demo/release.
  11. Fair enough, well played. I'll probably try a short passing approach tonight. Last time I tried the players were just hoofing it and ignoring instructions like the issue a lot of others have had, but if you can make it work maybe it'll be second time lucky for me
  12. Awesome =) He never said weather isn't a factor. Pretty sure it is one of the many factors which determines whether a player makes a mistake or not. lol at the Gerrard reference
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