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  1. Well Kubo, you've persuaded me that after the January update i'll be doing a similar new save with Spurs. On my current save i'm in season 7...or 8? I can't remember. One of the world's greatest clubs now, things are just starting to get a little dry, so i'll be looking forward to starting again. The only reason for me to wait is for the inevitable upgrades to Kane, Mason, etc...
  2. I made a similar decision towards the end of Season 5, I'm something stupid like 18 games unbeaten in the league right now in season 6. 21 games played, 1 loss and 2 or 3 draws. 7 points clear at the top. All stats off the top of my head, will do a proper update later today. EDIT: And of course, COYS, top top win yesterday. Great start to the new year.
  3. After warming up with my supported team (Spurs) I usually take the helm of Tonbridge Angels and start a long career. Alas, with their unfortunate drop into the lower leagues, I was torn between the next two local teams to where I live, Bromley & Eastbourne. I've opted for Eastbourne & 20 games in i'm top of the league! Fingers crossed the good form can continue.
  4. Amazing, did you manage to grab him? I've just signed Pogba at the start of the 18/19 season....I thought that was a big capture! lol.
  5. Great post above Enders, working with youths is one of my favourite aspects of the game too! I always have dreams of finding an affiliate which would essentially act as a competitive youth side but it never really works out that way and ultimately I end up loaning them all over the place. Anybody actually managed this with some good results?
  6. I hoenstly would just keep going, if you keep starting again you'll likely run into the same problem with getting your team and tactics to gel.
  7. Had some joy with him on FM14 oddly, but not so much this year.
  8. The team is skillful enough, the problem is going to be getting the team to gel quickly & getting them adapted to your tactics, however it is you choose to play i'm sure it's going to take a while to get all of those new players used to each other & the play style.
  9. Current first team in November Season 4 (17/18). No changes from the team that won the league in Season 3. Formations change from 4-3-3 (1 DM, 2 CMs, 2IFs, 1 Striker) to 4-3-3 (2 CMs, 1 CAM, 2 IFs, 1 Striker) so i'll just give players rather than roles. Lloris Walker Fazio Balanta Rose Bentaleb/McCarthy Ward-Prowse/Tielemans Eriksen Lamela Sterling Barbosa I realise my full backs could be stronger, but i'm trying to keep a decent Homegrown contingent in my squad. The majority of my subs are Promising homegrown players also.
  10. Haha 6 teams is ridiculous. I'm 5 games deep into season 4 now, relatively decent start. Given £27m to spend following winning the league in season 3, but my squad is perfectly good so i'll save the budget until Jan in case of serious injuries.
  11. Realistically there isn't too much deadwood to shift at the start of the game, it's more a case of who should you sign. If i were to start again though i'd probably shift Adebayor and Dembele window 1.
  12. Just won the league in Season 3 with two games to spare, Euro Cup & FA Cup finals to come!
  13. 27 games played and i'm top of the league with a 3 point lead. Teams seem to be setting up a lot more defensively against me now (I could just be imagining this) but i'm tweaking my tactics & experimenting slightly so the wins keep coming in.
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