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  1. Who knows, maybe if you start with the latest squad update one day you can bring him back?
  2. Accrington Stanley sacked me only to offer me an interview again 3 years later after some incredible domestic success with Linfield, needles to say I told them where to go.
  3. Download the latest squad update and then place myself somewhere remote as possible ready to work my way up to the Sheffield Wednesday job
  4. Very left field here, but one of my favourite saves was in Andorra.
  5. Alternatively you could download a transfer update (There's a few knocking about on here) that will probably see him at Grimsby along with any other new signings.
  6. Thanks for confirming and for the hard work put into this file.
  7. Not sure what's happened but when managing in Canada the Premier league's number of matches is set to '0' with no planned fixtures?
  8. Yeah I'm a little confused as to what you're asking for, do you want the media asking questions about your wife in press conferences because that doesn't happen in reality.
  9. I think when you start adding the ability to build things and dress up it stops becoming Football Manager.
  10. If it's a cup final and we end up losing it's a 2 week fine and then I refuse to speak to them about it.
  11. I always play players against their former clubs, regardless of form going into the game.
  12. Congrats on the success mate even though I'm an owl, will follow .
  13. Get rid of any outfield player that averages below a 7.00 at the end of a season.
  14. Unlucky result in Germany, but doesn't look like you're a million miles away at all - one or two quality additions might do it.
  15. Following pal, love a save in Andorra!
  16. Loaded one of my long term saves up and noticed that all player history's have disappeared aside from the current season and their total apps/goals on the main player profile is only showing this seasons numbers. What could be causing this and how do I resolve?
  17. One thing I've noticed playing FM18, I'm managing a club in the English conference who are expected to finish mid table, however we are currently top of the league after 25 games and are the form team in the division. I keep getting asked by journalists about my name being linked with other clubs which is understandable, however these clubs are in the same division as me and are in the bottom half of the table with similar rep to my club. Why would my name be linked with these sort of clubs? I just find it a tad unrealistic, and if it is a known issue I hope it's resolved for the new release.
  18. I have a long running save in which I can't seem to get any further as loading up a saved game won't work. I haven't closed the game whilst it's saving, and I've got autosave enabled (with different files for each save) However whichever file I select I get the same error message? Only one saved game seems to be loadable, which is about a year in the past so not ideal. Any ideas what could be causing this, as I've put a lot of time into this save and now it seems I'm just going to have bin it.
  19. I find myself re-signing players I've sold years earlier for big money when they're coming to the end of their career, just to have them end their career with me .
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