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  1. Being asked in every press conference my relationship with the opposing manager of the club I've just played.
  2. Yeah I'll buy it, buy it every year and would do so even if they doubled the price as bizarre as it sounds to those with issues with the match engine etc.
  3. I take every manager of the year award I win as a huge honour, I'm sad like that though.
  4. I gather that one might be because SI created him with the latest update with him joining a playable league.
  5. Charlie Kelman is a very good loan signing from Southend for the top end North/South sides.
  6. Davin's file at the top of the page is absolutely fine and doesn't contain any duplicates, is this the one you are using?
  7. I'm two seasons in and no players look to have been duplicated.
  8. Sweden is a good one for good young players coming through.
  9. The Japenese file here contains the leagues only, you can find a Japanese player database on here that runs alongside the league file so the teams are full.
  10. Doesn't load up for me and in the editor it say's something about the number of teams in the top division?
  11. For some reason Vietnam has stopped showing for me on the playable leagues section despite being ticked in my editor data files.
  12. Good find! Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to have much free time over the next couple of weeks but hopefully there is somebody who is able to help you out! Fingers crossed the full update is released here soon and saves you a job though.
  13. Does anybody have/know of a database containing Japanese players to go along with one of the few J League files on here? There was a couple floating around but none have been amended since the latest updates.
  14. I sent Westwood and Rhodes to Birmingham on season long loans, they offered to pay the entire wages of both players.
  15. I downloaded the update from the Japanese site however the players names are in Japanese and I'm not sure how to fix the issue.
  16. I'd assume the player that has been poached was due to appear in your youth intake, as mentioned above improving your youth recruitment probably decreases the chances of this happening.
  17. Is there anybody that can make the file compatible with the latest update? Doesn't look like the creator is active anymore unfortunately.
  18. Elijah Dixon-Bonner, Connor Stanley, Di'Shon Bernard and Armando Broja are all fantastic free's for season two - my regular go to's for lower level sides.
  19. Thanks for your continuous hard work Timo, I'd like to put forward the lower levels in India too as a possible future inclusion but of course there's no rush you've done more than enough for us already!
  20. Really enjoyed catching up on this, had a laugh to myself that a blade has got our recruitment spot on and signed the sort of players all us Wednesday fans have been crying out for for years! Fingers crossed you keep us up, I suppose I'll let you off with a draw when the derby come's around!
  21. Sometimes going down is the best thing to happen to a team, another rebuild might be what you need to go again. Don't give up at the first sign of failure, should make success when it comes all the more sweeter - especially with such a small club.
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