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  1. I'm absolutely loving the game even more now with this database, but my god I forgot how hard it is. Started unemployed, no badges, sunday league footballer. So far managed Prudhoe Youth Club, Gateshead Redheugh 1957 (used to live next to the ground few years back so just had to try it lol), Killingworth and Gosforth. Sacked from every single job lol. But the most important thing is I genuinely don't mind, as the game is so much more enjoyable now with this database-it's a real challenge. Fantastic work on this and a huge thanks!
  2. @AndyMUFC and everyone involved in the database. Absolutely fantastic work. Outstanding. Been after this sort of database for absolutely ages. I live in Newbiggin Hall Estate which is on the outskirts of Newcastle-and all this time I had NO idea there was a local team until now (Westerhope Wanderers-literally down the road) so I'll be taking charge. Huge amount of thanks and again-outstanding job!