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  1. Got a message regarding Steam not being supported in the new MacOS Catalina. Any idea if FM20 will be 64 bit and supported on the new MacOS?
  2. I have been playing FM 18 without problems up until recently when I upgraded my mid 2012 MacBook pro to a SSD and doubled the RAM and updated to Mojave, version 10.14.4. Ever since then, I have noticed that there is considerable lag, both in match and on the other screens. Similarly, I have noticed that the match screen is virtually unplayable, even when I dial down to very low graphics and low refresh rates. I wondered if the problems I am experiencing are the same as those facing players with FM19 and running Mojave. Has anyone else experienced this? I would greatly appreciate any advice fro
  3. Still buzzing from today's Semi Final win.... and yet again, Tom Rogic got a goal in a big game. I have been playing FM16 and Rogic is much better in FM18 than in my previous save. For those of you that have played with Celtic, what is the best role for him in this version? Is he best utilized as a trequartista? Most of the comments above seem to imply that Christie and Armstrong are preferred as a CAM... But if I want to try and play out this season with him, I was curious if it was worth worth it. Thanks in advance
  4. That's a really good question. My striker is afflicted with the same "big game" dread. I think playing him in run of the mill league matches should be fine, but if he is in good form do I drop him for a big league match or cup semi? By doing that, don't I risk alienating a player by not playing him in a match he would otherwise dread playing in?
  5. That's why I am confused Barside. I had a transfer offer accepted by Utd but Rashford's agent said he had no interest in joining the team permanently.
  6. I am still playing FM 16 with my create-a-club. Max Power started in the Championship three years ago. First year, finished 9th. Second season, finished on first and promoted to the Premier League. Just finished season 3 up in 9th place, so I am reasonably happy with the way things have progressed. For the last two seasons I have taken Marcus Rashford on loan from Utd. Season three has just finished and I have had an offer accepted for him. When I went to negotiate terms, Rashford said he had no interest in the club. His attributes page differs. Any reason why he won't sign?
  7. Signed him for Celtic in FM14 and FM15. Was good going forward, but only decent w/ defensive duties. If I recall, his wage demands were quite reasonable.
  8. I completely agree. I try to sign as many Scottish or Irish players as I can, then supplement with Scandinavian players. On occasion I would go into Eastern Europe, but not too often. I just try to play somewhat realistic. Celtic are not going to sign too many South Americans (Schiedt). I tried to use Henderson as a BBM in a midfield diamond and he just did OK. Also tried him out as a DLP (s) but didn't think he fit in well there
  9. Anyone sticking with the current squad- was curious how the MFs developed for Celtic managers. For some reason Callum McGregor did really well for me in FM15 and wondered if Scott Allen, Ryan Christie, or Liam Henderson were worth keeping.
  10. Not sure about the licensing issues, but has anyone found Jordan Morris (Stanford University) in FM16? He is young but has gotten a few call ups to the USMNT and is regular for the U23 squad
  11. I just checked the @eastside_hockey feed and it said that there were no plans to release a mac version at this time.
  12. I see that it is on sale here in the states for 11.99 but sure enough, only the windows logo at the bottom. Almost ordered it too, but I don't have a windows machine to run it on. I do wonder if they are going to release a mac version early or wait to work through the bugs on the pc version first
  13. Thanks for the help kingrobbo- I did check out the sortitoutsi forums and they do not have anything avail for FM15 and the FM14 version does not work with the newest release. Any other advice?
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