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  1. Hey Dosu, I've tried changing some money values (TV & prizes) from the competitions and when I try to validate them I get the following error: 1/8/2018, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, Number of teams in competition (20) doesn't match expected number of teams from rankings (14) I get that same error even if I try to test out competitions from your file without modifications. How did you manage to get them verified? I'll probably have to do the same thing to verify it... Thanks!
  2. Daegu FC is missing a 1.5 billion won kit & general sponsor over 2 years (Started 14-12-2018): http://www.daegufc.co.kr/new/board/view.php?code=clubnews&idx=3337
  3. Thanks, I get that the increase to 4 billion might be too much, but the ratio is probably decent enough to make it worthwhile to smaller clubs to take the Euro Cup II seriously as a growth measure until they can do deep runs in the Euro Cup. Currently feels like a cheat that both competitions give the same money and thus from a financial standpoint, you're better off going through the Euro Cup II as you'll find weaker opposition.
  4. They get a bye in both cases, so the way it's done, it's the same as qualifying for the 2nd knockout stage but they also get the bonus prize money from the 1st knockout stage.
  5. I'm trying to change the Prize & TV money for some continental competitions (Europa Conference League, Europa League and Champions League for starters). Anybody mind helping me out with this? I've done leagues and cups out from starters before, but haven't edited those continental competitions.
  6. There's another issue with the Euro Cup II, it is providing the same amount of prize money as the normal Europa League once it shows up. We don't have a proper set of numbers for prize money as it will be defined once the TV rights are sold for the 2021-2024 competition cycle, but it is safe to assume that the Europa League will have a higher prize money value than the Europa Conference League (especially since rights to them are going to be sold as a bundle to broadcasters). Additionally, the Champions League. Europa League and Europa Conference League should be updating their prize money & TV revenues every 3 years (2021-2024, 2024-2027, 2027-2030, etc.) which it hasn't done in 10 years within my save. I've done a possible compensation scheme assuming that the total money that UEFA provides for competitions increases to 4 billion euros for the 3 competitions for next cycle (2021-2024) that provides the Europa Conference League clubs with some financial incentives while still meaning that the Europa League is more profitable and the Champions League even moreso. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jco5xYHf57T3YckHwMx3VGztn2bxURhTeQddEcEuHMU/edit?usp=sharing UEFA Future tab) Think it's important to have a differentiated prize structure between the UEL and the UECL.
  7. It would be great to be able to request the board to designate a game as a Fan Day to help boost attendances for the future. Bonus points if you also get to decide which match would be chosen (so you could choose against a team you know you can beat so you play attractive football).
  8. It would be great if we could see more detailed information regarding finances. The same way we see currently see how much prize money and TV money we get from each competition, it would be great to see that same breakdown when it comes to gate receipts, match day income, stewardship costs, travel (so for each competition how much you've spent travelling to and fro), merchandise income (home country & global), etc. Additionally, having conditional sponsorship bonuses would be great. So you get a +X amount if you qualify for a continental competition or something like it, etc. Also, being able to see how much a league's TV deal is worth would be amazing to see how it changes going throughout the seasons. Bonus points if it also explains how tv money is distributed or how a club's performance in the league will affect distribution.
  9. Is it possible to get the players for the JFL? I just want to have the players for FC Ryukyu, want to try and get them to J1 and AFC Champions League. Awesome update!
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