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  1. What I would like to see improved in FM 2007 is very different than the most usual suggestions in this forum. It’s the training system. I know it has been changed this year, too but it’s still very unrealistic: 1. The training affects just the players current attributes, not his development. If you, for example, train defence hard and shooting light, your players defensive attributes will increase a couple of months and finishing decreases the same time. If you then change back to normal training, the attributes get back to normal. It’s like you hadn’t trained at all. I think the training should have an effect on what attributes increase, when the players' current ability increases. 2. You can’t improve your players physical stats. IRL it’s the easiest part of game to be developed. You can get your stamina or strength up easily. In FM 2006 already 15-year-old players must have good physics. That’s unrealistic. 3. Player positions. You can't train your player a new natural position, or at least it is way too hard. A player should gain a new natural position when he has played in that position for a year or so. At the same time the odl natural positions should decrease to accomplished. It is annoying to have a player who would be an exellent striker, but you can't train him to be a striker. 4. We should be able to improve Freekicks and penalties, too. 5. Lower attributes should be easier to be improved. Now you can make your player's finihing from 19 to 20 as easily as from 2 to 3.
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