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  1. Create your own team.. eg. FC United started off nowhere and they're trying to work there way up as high as possible. Also somehow be able to say what you think at half time/full time instead of the same team talk over and over again. Easier ways to interact with your players. I also noticed that my scout advises me to get a certain player to tutor another player but when I go to do it,there's always a different player there d he wouldn't like to be tutored by them.
  2. At half time or before a match you should be able to talk to the player saying like. Are you fit enough to play this match? Because sometimes people may not be fully fit but they can last one half.
  3. Here's a few of ideas by me, if they have already been suggested then I apoligise but i'm sure nobody would read all these pages.. Well accept SEGA and SI 1. Commentary. Words actually spoken, not printed on the screen. 2. Better interaction with players. Write your own team talks, praise, critizim? 3. Radio phone ins, call up player to squad, calling your chairman for a meeting. This idea being that you can respond to the media or your player or your chairman. By speaking real life every day footballing issues. 4. Real sponsership deals. Pick your team strip, want to update it? If I think of many more I'm sure I'll publish them. Hope you can read them thanks bye.
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