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  1. I got a new computer and I was wondering if I can transfer a saved game from my old to my new one? I know you can install the actual game in another computer I was hoping to continue my saved game. Thanks.
  2. In FM maybe not IRL, in fact i don't remember seen a club like Wigan beating any club with more than 3 goals especially Man. United.
  3. So I started a game with Wigan and lost my first 3 matches against Aston Villa, Tottenham and Arsenal. The following match was against Manchester U. and I won 5-2, although Rafael got a red card I was already up 3-0. I know this things happen IRL but to trash them like this. They were in first place. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Are they (chairman & director) more effective than me my trying to sign a player?
  5. This happened to me in FM12, but I've only seen this with Arsenal and Shawcross...weird.
  6. For anyone who is playing Beta are there new leagues available to manage? Thanks.
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