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  1. It's nowhere near as harsh on the eyes. It looks good.
  2. Do you have to expand the current one a few times before they'll generally consider building a new one?
  3. Paul Anderson from Forest. Stats aren't that impressive to look at, but he's one of those players that always performs above what he really should do. He never moans or causes any aggro at all.
  4. For that amount of money, I'd rather buy Ryan Bennett from Peterborough. With the right coaching, he ends up being an England regular and with Premiership/Champs league level performances of 7.5 regularly and often more. He also demands smaller wages and is two years younger.
  5. I have done now, thanks.
  6. Mons, I've sent you a PM, I'm having a bit of trouble with the pack. Hopefully, you'll be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  7. 60+ hours that nobody is going to benefit from then, nice.
  8. Cathcart will go for those wages and he can be trained up to a higher standard with the right coaching.
  9. Thank you
  10. I'm not very savvy so I would be grateful if anyone has a link to a step-by-step guide on how to insert my own manager photo into a save. It seems that reloading the skin cache makes it vanish. Thanks in advance.
  11. "Not bothered Sorry" What a plank.
  13. Calm down. What are you 9?
  14. Doesn't look that great to me. Passing "10" for a creative midfielder?
  15. In the 1983 FA cup replay, Bryan Robson had already scored two and would have become the first player to score a hattrick in the final. Man Utd were awarded a penalty and he let the designated taker ( Arnold Muhren ) take ( and score ) the penalty. When asked about it afterwards, he said: Personal glory doesn't come in to it. If it had been 0-0 at the time, then the regular taker would have taken it. Who am I to deny Arnold a chance to score in a final? That's also why he was a fantastic captain too