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  1. Suppose it depends who you play as and the mental attributes of those players. If everyone was a mental genius on the pitch it would be advantageous for everyone to roam. In the lower leagues players are going to get caught out often so you have your smartest player doing in the top leagues look at Barcelona under Peppy G. Pretty much their whole team is allowed to roam. Busquet dropping between the defence as a half back, the front 3 generally allowed to move into goal threatening space where the midfielder is then given freedom to overlap.
  2. Has anyone made one as of yet? It becomes rather tedious adding all the attributes of the roles. I've managed to grab one on the passion-fm site for staff if anyone wants it, it's at the bottom of the article; ​http://passion4fm.com/best-football-manager-2015-coaches/
  3. I do wonder however if SI have have experimented if they can achieve this.
  4. I can't tell you the actual stat, but I'll guarantee it's 0%. Being English and knowing how bad and over-hyped anything to come out of England is... i.e Gerrard, Rooney, Berahino, Hart, Johnson, Milner... there's a lot more my minds just gone blank. Anyway I focus on usually the smaller more agile players, my team have to all be pretty quick and flashy so I end up bringing in a lot of foreign players that get overlooked over the English players who are 3x their actual price or rating. I actually struggle to bring in quality English players. I got that Peter Honey was it? £30m to Chelsea he went for I only paid £4m it was daylight robbery and with that I brought Kaabouni for £10m who got into team of the year and was nominated for player of the year, he may of got that but I don't quite remember.
  5. Basically it tends not to be an issue giving you more funds if you don't use all your budget. Most players just recklessly spend all their budget and wage and it's worth leaving some for the board unless you're a economical manager.
  6. I can wait. Come day of release it was £20 on GMG.
  7. I'm just gonna wait until one has it up for £20 and beta. I'll get it for less than £20 after release.
  8. Yeah I'll stick with the CM/A then as it's worked well last two games. I've picked up two decent wins still need to somehow get a bit better possession and attack though I guess that'll come with better players and more confidence in the team.
  9. I've stopped using the 4231 a while back and am using a 451. I mentioned it a while back. Well I'll use a HB in the DM, and throw in AP rather than DLP. What's an attacking winder do over a supporting one? That's one thing that's always confused me. I play defensive mentality with a balanced fluidity. I really don't understand the fluidness, I've even read the long post stickied above this before I got lost in the text. I just need one sentence detailing the basics of what it does. My understanding of it is that it's how the areas in your team will support one another i.e more fluid = more cover whereas rigid is more everyone doing their own job.
  10. I'd of played the Saddlers if there facilities was a bit better to be honest. I went with Port Vale cause they're still local-ish (WBA fan) and have a large stadium. Well I know where I'm strong and where I'm weak I'm just unsure how I go in regards to that. For example my LB is pretty useless but he's best at being a CWB so really I should be trying to get him that role as he's more attacking than defensive. I know the system I want compared to my players. GK - Standard defensive keeper who will look to feed the ball into open areas up the pitch LB-CWB - Thiagao is bad but I have no one else available to me and he's much more attacking, mind you he has a decent shot from distance. Ideally I want him just in a support role CBx2/D - I went them both covering my anchorman and watching players that are running into the box. Set both to cover maybe? RB-FB/A - Oliveira my RB and best player is a master of his trades and I want him in all areas of the game yet he's a FB so I set him to attack DM/A - Vera is pretty decent defensively and having him there stopped a leaky defence but nullified an already struggling attack CM-DPL/S Veretout is comfortable on the ball and so I use him to command the middle as my PM CM-B2B This position is one I struggle with I'm not sure what I want here a B2B or just an attacking to really push the centre AML-IF/S Correa has been in my team for years and although he's getting on a bit now I've known him long enough to see that IF/S is his best position AMR-W/A We have Wawryzniak who excels at pacing up the side of the pitch and offering multiple choices ST-F9 Is a position I'm really struggling with. I'd like the CF to be able to command the area or perhaps the AF to play of the wingers so I'm not sure. I've updated my one drive with the new save file and the new formation I've been using since after the first Chelsea game. It's quite solid defensively but lacks in attack. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=413AF5CE7D36B3BB&id=413AF5CE7D36B3BB!1163
  11. Sorry I missed this post. The system I have is defensively solid but I'm using a 41221 with wingers, dm and 2 cms yet now we're struggling to really attack in advanced areas. How ideally should I look to carry the ball from midfield to the final third or should I just go direct and try and cover the problem?
  12. I've updated my One Drive with my recent game against Chelsea in the 2nd leg where we win 2-0 but lose 4-3 on aggregate. My new system seemed very effective defensively. EDIT - I've played again and this time found myself in an embarrassing 1-0 defeat to Blackburn. Funny as I only conceded once I moved from defence to attack but at 80mins with 2 shots all game I thought it may of been worth it.
  13. Well I want a Jose Mourinho style set up. Defensively solid, decent at holding the ball and most of all cutting edge attack. Oliveira my RB is wanted by the big guns and for good reason so I need to utilise him against my opponenets. I'm looking for a lot of suggestions more than anything I guess.
  14. Paolo Dybala is my main striker and his stats are better than Deveric's and Sergio's, but as I stated this formation was just temp. I don't want to use other peoples formations I want to use my own. I just have no idea where to start.
  15. Well like I say I'm using Steaton's tactic but to be honest I want to rebuild a new tactic a defensively solid one for sure, but is it possible to be defensively solid and still properly attack with a 4231?
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