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  1. does team shape instruction "wide" focus passing down the flanks as well as instructing players to stand wider on the pitch? i would like my team to cross the ball alot and was under the impression exploiting the flanks just makes full backs more attacking.
  2. sorry if this is in the wrong place, but since the patch, when i start a new game and select the default database, and use my own editor data file, when the game starts it has all the changes of the 14.3 database and none of my own, any ideas?
  3. how well would this run fm14, i like to use a large database with quite a few leagues? http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-15-n266sa-15-6-laptop-black-21862438-pdt.html
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