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  1. Hi Neil, I've just tried this and unfortunately I'm getting the same problem. Is there anything else it could be? Thanks
  2. Sorry for the delayed response. I've attached my DXDIAG. Thanks DxDiag.txt
  3. Hi guys, I've been having an issue since the release of FM2017 where when I select windowed or borderless windowed I would get a crash. The game works initially after changing the setting but upon the closing and reopening the game I get a crash dump as soon as I click on the window. The only way for me to start the game after this is to delete the FM folder in the hidden 'Appdata' folder and then run it in full screen. This doesn't seem to have any bearing on what save game that I use as it doesn't even get as far as loading the game. I have attached a screenshot of the error and the latest crash dump. Thanks MazeltofIII_FM 2017 v17.2.1.919512 (2017.02.19 09.08.07).dmp
  4. Early impressions but this seems a very good tactic
  5. Steam charge straight away if ordered on there, I paid through Paypal however
  6. Hi guys, Would appreciate an opinion on this. Going to pick up a laptop later and im stuck for choice between the 2 below. Could someone advise please Going to mainly be using it for FM and the occasional use of Music software like cubase. Thanks or
  7. Looks really good mate, nice one