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  1. What @summatsupeer says its true, and one of my biggest pet peeves with this game. Syaing this, you may want to look a the PI "stay wider" for your CM's, dont know if it is available in the AP role but it's worth a shot.
  2. @herne79 I noticed you are using the roam PI in a lot of your players. Is that to compensate the lack of the Roam from Position TI that was removed since that was one of the instructions recommended for a possession style in Cleon's post ?
  3. Hey, is there a way to know the average training rating of a player and/or team ?
  4. @Cleon How are you finding the inverted winbacks ? Do they actually come inside or just function like a regular fullback ? I ask this because the game description says they might not work if you use 2 DMs but maybe since yours are halfbacks they leave enough space ? Cheers
  5. Probably when FM19 comes out, it is certanly something I am interested in
  6. @OJ403 Unfortunately I had some disk problems and ended up losing the save...
  7. Match Analysis Lets jump to the second game and do some more analysis. Game 2 Our second match was against Düsseldorf, another mid table team that we should be able to beat. Stats Very poor game from both sides, both teams only creating danger from long shots and nothing else. Player Stats Once again my the number of completed crosses of my WB's is shocking ( 0% !), again its probably down to the lack of players in the box as we saw last game. Pitch The next 3 images show what I suspected, the problem of not enough players in the box seem a real problem. Adding to this it seems that midlefield being too crowded is also a serious issue that needs to be fixed ASAP. The only new thing I spotted this game was the DMC sometimes being too advanced for my liking. Maybe give it the PI to Hold Position but I am more inclined to change his role to a DLP(s), Well this is all for Game 2, I think I will skip game 3 and show the changes I made and if they worked or not.
  8. No worries man, the fun part of this is to bounce ideas and hopefully become better at the game. To be honest I didnt see much of England but I agree they lined in some sort of 3-4-2-1 wich is very similar to a 3-6-1
  9. @Robson 07 I agree with you that the diamond its excelent for dominating the midlefield but regarding to pressing I would say it has some weaknesses especially in the wide areas as you can't press efficiently the fullbacks / wingbacks of your opponent. For heavy pressing I prefer some kind of variant of the 4-3-3 (4-5-1, 4-1-4-1, etc) or a 4-2-3-1. Saying that, in the future I intend to move to a more pressing style and for that I will definitely use fluid / very fluid. For now I am happy if the team defends in a kind of a medium block.
  10. Match Analysis So I played 3 games and here are the results Nothing impressive, the last one was a cup game and it was basically a friendly so some signs of worry Game 1 First game was against Nürnberg, a mid table team so I expected a win since I am playoff candidate Stats In terms of shots it was pretty balanced but we dominated in terms of clear cut chances wich may indicate we created quality chances. This were the player stats, the only stand out I find its the number of crosses my WBR, Kessel, completed (1 in 10). I need to find if its a aiming issue or lack of bodies in the box so now we need to watch the game. Pitch Taking from the problem noticed above lets try to find out whats happening. I watched every cross Kessel performed, here is one example Kessel is about to release the ball and as you can see only my striker is in the box with my midlefield being miles aways from threatening anything . Actually this image reveals 2 problems : Lack of bodies going forward The wb has no support so his only option is to cross it from a bad position The same can be seen in the next shot The midlefield its completly out of it once again. I believe this caused by the roles and duties of my midlefield, as some of you have pointed. I am pretty sure the AM needs an attack duty although I'm still unsure about the 2 Mc's The AM duty issue is more evident in this image Barreto is way too deep, he needs to be where the X is. The last thing I noticed its the lack of support my carrileros are giving You can see that neither of my carrileros are trying to go foward to help, adding to that I would like that number 28 would give a little more width, near the referee would be good Ok so this was game 1, tommorow I will post game 2 and 3 and the changes I will make
  11. Just a quick question does any one knows how to watch a full game after being played ? The way I am doing the analysis is choosing compreensive highlights and then move around with the bar but sometimes it does some weird jumps
  12. The carrilero only go wide when the team doesnt have the ball if I understand the description of the role right. Ironically one of the problems I found was that they weren't moving wide fast enough to help the full back from being doubled up
  13. Sorry to not respond sooner, I have been away. I have played some games and done a bit of analysis and you were right, my midlefield roles and duties are not well balanced but i will do a post with pictures that goes through the problems I spotted Not really, most of the goals we conceded were from crosses to 2nd post where the fullback was incapable to deal. Thats one of the reasons i switched to 3 at the back, to have more bodies to deal with that. In regard of going fluid or very fuild I dint try it but from experimenting in other saves I am reluctant of doing that. I feel the squad is weak mentally, specially in the decision making attribute (1 player above 14) @OJ403 I agree on your idea of one of the strong points of this formation is the control of the half-space, however I dont like the versions when have people in the winger strata. I believe you can get the same attacking capabilty with the WB's and performe better defensively The only doubt I have is using a flat 3 midlefield or using a DM but for now I will stick with the DM
  14. Yeah I considered that or maybe even a roaming playmaker might be one thing to look at Not sure about this one I am more inclined to change to CM(s) with get further foward if we dont have enough penetration I am not a fan of WB on attack they seem to just dribble wide and dumb crosses whenever i use them, at the moment I have the WBs with the PI of stay wide
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