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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make a country playable and need to set their continent, however I can't do this whilst it is 'greyed out'. I've tried converting to 'Advanced Rules' in the editor, but alas no luck. I know in previous incarnations of FM you needed to change the config file, is this the same in FM14? Can anyone let me know how to do this? Cheers, O
  2. I cant activate the advanced rules for FM Editor. I have a Mac and just cannot figure it out. Can anyone, who has managed to activate it, please help me out?
  3. After a self-imposed exile (dissertation and a month in Brazil), FM Obsessive is now playing as Athletic Bilbao. After four seasons has the La Liga two club monopoly been broken? (removed link)
  4. Hi! I am a 3rd year journalism student and also a huge FM fan with my own fansite FM Obsessive. My dissertation is about about FM, it's history (from CM) to now and how it has become MORE than just a computer game, but a way of life (for some). I would like to interview (via email) 5 or 6 gamers, ideally from different parts of the world, about their experiences playing FM and how involved it is in the lives. If you would like to be interviewed and be part of my 5000 word piece please email me at owhunter@gmail.com or reply to this thread with your - Name: Age: Nationality: Location: Time playing CM/FM: Something you think would be interesting about you for my piece: Thanks. Olly Hunter
  5. Ok, so i've opened the Library (which is hidden on a mac), found the format file and followed all the instructions from magic on http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/280558-FM2012-FMUpdates-FM12-Editor-Advanced-Rules-Activation-and-Discussion?p=7277589&viewfull=1#post7277589. Load up the editor and I still cant see the "list' button. Has anyone else managed to get this working on a mac? if so, can you send me your format.xml file or tell me how to do it? Cheers Olly
  6. Less than a week and counting the days until FM12 is released! But what will you do first? Here's a list of the things I might do come midnight 21st October! Maybe the first thing will be the graphics. I'll find up-to-date graphics packs, download and add to the ones in my FM11 folders. I'll copy and paste those (many courtesy of FM-Base and sortitoutsi) from FM11 to the FM12 folders and of course un-tick the "Use Skin Cache" button in preferences . This ensures I have all the badges, player pictures, kits and everything else to make my game look as slick as possible. Read the rest of the post at FM Obsessive - http://fmobsessive.blogspot.com/2011/10/what-will-you-do-when-you-first-get.html
  7. I will be doing it again for FM12, but check here for the link to it for FM11 http://fmobsessive.blogspot.com/2011/02/basque-leagues.html#more
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