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  1. I've got Aaron and, having sold Blind and Darmian and with Shaw having picked up a bad injury, he's getting plenty of games. Doing well too.
  2. I leave it to the assistant. It seems to be a **** feature with no real benefit. All that was happening was that my players were unhappy because they thought I was being to conservative due to the formation (4231 DM). It's quite an attacking tactic and we're banging in the goals but they look at the two DMs and think it's defensive.
  3. Pogba is absolutely tearing it up for me in the Segundo Volante role. 7 goals in 8 games with an average rating of 7.93. Lukaku is thriving too, as a complete forward on support, with 9 in 8 and an average rating of 7.79.
  4. As someone else suggested earlier, Thomas Lemar would be good on the left if you can get him.
  5. I think you could quite feasibly play Martial and Lingard as wingers to start with. I signed Federico Chiesa as an out and out winger but you could also try Leon Bailey or Oliver Burke maybe?
  6. I've got him as a Segundo Volante on Attack too and he's doing really well. Assists and goals a plenty.
  7. When did you get Arana? I couldn't get a work permit for him in the first season
  8. Yeah, I think the biggest area of weakness in the squad at the start is at the back. I brought in Chiellini who upped the level straight away. Adds leadership too. As DannyFM87 suggested, I brought in Aaron from Espanol to rotate with Shaw. Got him for £8m plus add ons. Also, just brought in Sander Berge from Genk. I'll play him in the Carabao Cup initially in place of Matic in the DLP role and see how he develops - stats look really good.
  9. I've got him as a Complete Forward on Support with Mhkitaryan or Mata behind (AMs), a winger on support on the right and an IF on Attack on the left. Much like the start of this season irl he's scored every game, although we've only played 4. He got 1 in a 2-1 win over Real Madrid, then 1 in a 1-1 draw at Palace and 2 in a 4-1 demolition of Liverpool and another 2 in a 3-0 win at Brighton. Early days obviously, but he's hit the ground running. Martial and Pogba also doing really well.
  10. How much did you pay for him? My scouts didn't rate him too highly but he does look good.
  11. Arana didn't get a work permit so back to square one with full backs. Gaya is an option for LB, Celtic are wanting too much for Tierney.
  12. Oh, good to know. I'll just stop doing it then as my players are clearly starting to think I'm an idiot
  13. I've set up a tactic with this shape on my Man Utd save and one issue I'm having is, in the pre-match briefing, the players always think I'm being too conservative (unless playing a big team). Regardless of the instructions it seems, just based on the formation. I don't see it as conservative at all but the players disagree with me every time. Related question - what effect does the pre-match briefing have? If the team are already fully familiar with the tactic to be played, is there any benefit? Or is it just something to use if you're doing something different?
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