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  1. I had a go at doing a BR tactic other day but after reading that it is not a million mile away. Tactic: 4-3-3 Lfc Att.tac | Game Front I use no O.I Standard Pitch Match Prep: Attacking Movement Target Man set to your Striker No Playmaker My line-up was Right to left GK Reina DEF Johnson Skertel Agger Enrique MID Adam Lucas Stevie ATT Downing Suarez Hazard The tactic uses wingers to cut inside so you should use Right footed on left and visa versa. I never set up my set pieces due to not wanting the corner bug being in the tactic by accident all are set mixed and standard player instructions. If i had set these up i am sure the results below would have improved. I went on holiday for a full season using this tactic finished 2nd W23 D10 L5 F74 A33 Suarez scored 38 Downing 11 Maxi 9 Hazard 8 Gerrard 8 Assists Hazard 16 Adam 13 Lucas 12 Downing 11
  2. End of Season 1 update Table http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/BarclaysPremierLeagueOverview_Stages-3.png Finishing 3rd was better than i was hoping for at the start of the season but it could have been even better if it was not for a dip in form in January. Jan-May Fixtures http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/LiverpoolFixtures_Fixtures-3.png Cups Lost to Leicester City in the Quarters 4-1 Played a young side and got punished. Lost 2-1 in the 4th Rd to Bolton during my dip in form in January. Transfers http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/LiverpoolTransfers_History-2.png Needed money to come in to the club so when i got offers for Johnson and Dirk i let them go which ment there was more match time for the likes of Kelly,Flano and Sterling. Most improved player was suso after some tutoring from Gerrard. http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/SusoOverview_Attributes.png Best Eleven http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/LiverpoolHistory_BestEleven.png
  3. Hi all started a new save last night with the mighty reds and thought i would share it some fellow kopites. Season 1 update 2/1/2012 Fixtures so far http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/LiverpoolFixtures.png After these was a 3-0 win over QPR at Loftus Rd. And proberly my game of the season as we welcomed wolves to anfield looking for revenge on the 1-0 defeat on the opening day of the season http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/Liverpool8v1Wolves.png Standing 2nd in the table to Utd http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/BarclaysPremierLeagueOverview_Stages-2.png Not much dealings in the transfer window as of yet. http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af359/nbdwid7/FM%202012%20lfc/LiverpoolTransfers_History.png Also as anyone using the latest update have a debt of £50million.
  4. Wallys update

    Must just be mine i'll just offer him a new contract in month or so i have 1st transfer window off anyways. Also Phillip degen has not been released on mine.
  5. Wallys update

    good work great update. I dont know if you ment this or not but Seb Coates is worth £4.6 millon but has a min release clause of £2.6 million
  6. Wallys update

    Dont know if this will help you only one i can find of Bijev.
  7. Wallys update

    Will you be adding Villyan Bijev to liverpool u18's? http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/reds-capture-starlet
  8. I managed to win the league in the first season on my current save, using carroll as a lone striker in a 4-1-2-2-1 formation with suarez on the right wing using wallys update. Suarez and carroll netting 30 between them. The success stopped there so far my 2nd season i finished 8th lost in semi final of UCL to united and semi of FA cup to blackburn. currently 3rd by 8 points in january of 3rd season. i've been tried to get bale in pre-season offering upto 56m then i decided to holiday last fortnight in december while i went to shop and spurs offered bale out at 21m and accepted a 20m bid form united. typical
  9. Wallys update

    Will the aquilani Loan deal be in not seen anyone post it yet? Also i've noticed that King Kenny only seems to buy players from abroad in the game, Where as IRL he tends to go british would it be possible to change this?