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  1. I notice that nobody from SI has come up with a solution for this!
  2. Resize the picture to 180 x 180 pixels. Then, if you are using a cut-out facepack, cut out the face, (you can use Photoshop if you have it, GIMP if you don't). Make sure you save the picture as a .png file and rename it to the ID number of the player. Drop it into the main pack then add the info to the config file. Just copy one of the other lines using your player ID.
  3. Try GIMP. It's a free program with most of the attributes of Photoshop.
  4. I have been making adboards for a while now and have never had a problem either with the adboards or the config file. Recently, however, I have made some for the MLS clubs and, whatever I do, I cannot get them to show in game. I made adboards for the MLS as a competition and they show up just fine. The problem is that I don't want them to show, I want the clubs ones and yes, the config file is a "clubs" file. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. OK, one last thought. FM15 creates 2 folders entitled "sports interactive." Both have editor data folders. Make sure you're file is in the correct one as the game doesn't pick up info from both.
  6. Providing you have done everything correctly, you should be able to select your file. Whe you start a new game and you see the box entitled "choose database", lower down that box is the editor data files drop down. Here, you need to select "custom". Then you need to select your saved fmf file in the list. Then continue loading the game.
  7. In that case, did you select your database when loading the game?
  8. Ok, lets rewind. When you edit the kits the next thing to do is save the changes. This you would do as normal. In other words, on the drop down menu, select "save editor data." This will automatically overwrite your original database with the changed one. Alternatively, you can select "save editor data as" in which case a separate file will be saved with whatever name you choose. You shouldn't have to do anything else. Just check that the file has been saved in the editor data folder, which is where the game picks it up from, not the active add ons folder. Then, when you load a new game, if yo
  9. Try removing the fmf file, (I don't see why you should need it), then load the game. Any changes in the editor should be picked up by the game without the need for additional files. You haven't added anything, you have edited existing files so there should be no need for an fmf file.
  10. If you use the editor to change colours it will only show on a new game. You can't actually swap the colours but you can use copy and paste. To do this open the editor, go to clubs, then to Cardiff, then to kits. On either the home or away screen, at the top, select edit. Here there is an option to copy and paste the kit. Once you have done one kit, they will both be the same so you need to edit the other one yourself.
  11. If the above badge is the one that you want here's a link for the best mega pack: http://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/download/complete/3
  12. I have fixed it by re-downloading the file and getting a new XML file. Thanks for all your help. Here's another strange occurrence with my adboards. On the ones I have for Manchester City and, to my knowledge, only these ones, the adboards are not two sided. What this means is that the adboards nearest to the camera, because we see the back of them, are blank. On every other club the adboards are two sided. Any explanations/fixes welcome please? Thanks
  13. No because that line is an important part of the code. Although the adboards don't work at present, they definitely wouldn't work without that line.
  14. As I already said, it doesn't stop the game, just the use of adboards.
  15. I am getting the following parsing error when loading the game: not well formed (invalid token) at line 12972 of e ="3645"/> It is from the adboard XML which I have checked and there doesn't appear to be a problem. I have cleared the cache, settings and finally preferences and still have the same problem. It doesn't stop the game loading, just the use of adboards. Is this a fixable error or will I have to replace the XML which will mean another 2 hours downloading the adboards file just to get the XML? Thanks for any help
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