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  1. [FM11] Up North!

    can a mod please close this thread please my ps3 is working again thanks!
  2. I downloaded the save file for my old laptop which is only 1gb and it couldnt even open the file as the game kept crashing. some peoples computers may not be powerful enough to handle a save which is 888mb i know my laptop isn't.
  3. holidaying till 2999

    no problem mate. Ill be honest it wasn't even my idea, in one of the threads here someone mentioned about how the game may stop if you hit the year 3000 just like how you can't get you finances above £2bn
  4. holidaying till 2999

    thanks mate ill check it Dropbox out now i heard its pretty useful. cheers
  5. holidaying till 2999

    hhmm hopefully because as the years increase the game starts to go slower but i checked out if the game still processes quicklyand it does, i believe the my pc will be tested when im 700 or so years in, also i think the save game file is larger than 2gb lol
  6. holidaying till 2999

    hey guys just at work as soon as i get home will post some pics of everything everones requested. The PC was built as a machine which i could run programs like autodesk, unity efficently as im in my last year of university and going to become a games designer. I checked this morning and the year is 2325 and it still seems to be going pretty well as soon as i get home ill post up all relevant screenshots.
  7. [FM11] Up North!

    hhmm the lower leagues in england are very easy its a bit of a struggle championship onwards
  8. holidaying till 2999

    megaupload so everyone can download it fast
  9. holidaying till 2999

    no worries mate ill load the file up tomorrow for 2100
  10. holidaying till 2999

    hey guys ive turned it off for now its 2084.. ill turn it on in a bit and will post the screenshots everyone asked for when i reach 2100 and every 100 years.. lee182 hey mate the machine set me back a couple grand lol its custom built it was IIRC in the region of £2000 a decent price because someone my parents know built it
  11. anyone know why the cfa division in the french leagues cant be chosen?
  12. holidaying till 2999

    yup no worries.. i basically had thought about doing it when someone mentioned the game may stop processing or something at the year 3000 like when you have 2 billion pounds in your account you cant have more money!
  13. Installation problem

    its the protocal A interface basically go in control panel and adjust settings to 'minimize the connection' it should then load up with the xml document
  14. holidaying till 2999

    im in 2073 so far it is still going strong im going to leave it on overnight so 2 days most probably anyone want screens let me know!