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  1. In the preferences menu, the bottom left where it says reset has a drop down, pick clear cache
  2. The 3.AGP pack replaces the Regen faces with real faces. All of the Staff use the same Regen pack so the 3.AGP pack will give you real faces instead of the Regen ones. Then yes I went through the 3.AGP pack to find the ones I had and replaced them. Took me about 30 minutes to find my 2 Female Staff members (Personal Assistant and Press Officer).
  3. There is sort of a workaround if you can want to spend the time and if you have the 3.AGP regen replacement pack. Once your Personal Assistants face show then you can look in the 3.AGP pack to match it up and then replace it with what you want. Pics are before and after changing the face So you can do this for all your female staff and have individual pics instead of just one default pic
  4. Nope, it wont show any regen faces at all if you did that.
  5. That image is in the graphics.fmf folder. Main menu folder inside, then Background.jpg fm17 background main menu, can we change it?
  6. In the skin folder look for skin_config.xml then change the line <string id="required_version" value="16.0.0" /> to skin_config.xml line to <string id="required_version" value="17.0.0" /> Then the game will pick up the skin
  7. You need to check in your continue panel for this code. You can either leave the icons in there and change the colour to match or if you are like me and dont play network you can take them out. <!--little icons for doing stuff in multiplayer games--> <!--text showing continue game timeout--> <widget class="button" auto_size="all" size="6" alignment="centre" style="semi_bold, embossed" appearance="buttons/custom/countdown/button" font="fonts/button"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="2" /> <layout class="st
  8. League stage panel, have to extract it from the panels.fmf and adjust it
  9. Icons only sidebar is in the game menu, preferences, interface, sidebar icons only (tick box)
  10. Once we get access to the archiver we will know more about what we can and cannot change.
  11. Just keep adding the options in custom view until you get it how you want.
  12. There is a custom view where you can change what order you want them in.
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