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  1. I'd say this is a bug and not just a conflict, because it's happened in the lower leagues with me, where players have no agents and represent themselves. Player asks to speak to me because I offer his teammate a new contract and he wants a raise. I tell him I'll start negotiations immediately. I open the contract offer window and the same player says "I don't want to sign a contract with your club." So I can't do anything, and one week later, he stirs up dissension among his teammates and they call a team meeting with me because they're disappointed that I would go back on my promise to offer him a contract. I had no choice but to release him on a free.
  2. As would I. Thanks for your help! One more question for Cleon - I usually struggle (especially when using a similar formation to yours) when my opponents play a flat 4-3-3. As in, if they are chasing the game and switch to a formation with three central midfielders and central strikers. I find that having 3 central defenders to their 3 strikers in a 3v3 means that any mistakes I make are punished very quickly. Also, even though I have 4 in the midfield, the wide midfielders are too wide to get involved, so they have a 3v2 advantage in the middle of the pitch. This means that when my opponents attack, they consistently have a 5v4 advantage moving forwards. The only way I was able to mitigate the risk somewhat was to increase closing down, to try and scupper their buildup play before their forwards can get into position. However, that comes at the cost of compromising my own defensive shape. Have AI teams used a flat 4-3-3 against your defensive 3-4-3 before, and what tweaks (if any) did you use to counteract that?
  3. I really love this thread - it's given me an answer to why my 5-2-3 seems to be better at putting pressure on enemy defences when on 'defensive' than on 'attacking'. One question - would you say that, say, that the style of the real-life Spanish national team would be 'defensive', when put in FM terms? They seem to be mostly slow and patient in their attacks and seem to use their possession as a way to reduce risks. The main difference, of course, would be that in FM terms they'd be on very high closing down and very high defensive line which helps their possession stat but also hurts their shape. Second question - since the point of having a static attacking player (such as a TM or poacher) is to provide someone high up the pitch to aim at to relive pressure on the defence - would a trequartista in one of the striker spots work? I know that is the complete opposite of a static role, but if I want someone to aim for in the opponent's half (and don't have tall strong strikers), I would want to 'clear' the ball to a player that I can consistently find in space. Thanks!
  4. The above screenshot says it all - I've just been promoted to League One and I've used the slider to reduce my transfer budget to the minimum and max out my wage bill - there are plenty of great players available on frees. I'm more than 2k under my wage budget, and most of my players are on wages of 2-3k (my two highest earners earn 4.1k/week). So why am I being limited to such a pathetic wage offer? Anyone had this problem before? :confused:
  5. International Regens

    Hi everyone, about to start on an international management save with a small country (haven't decided which one yet). Just wondering - I know that countries have a hidden stat that affects the quality of regens from that country - will this rating ever increase if I manage to climb the international rankings, and how quickly? I'm asking this because I'm probably not going to manage a local club side simultaneously (like some of you do) which means the local league of whichever country I'm managing will probably not rise in reputation too much. So I'm wondering if there's another way (like increasing the country's ranking) that will allow it to produce better quality regens eventually. Thanks!
  6. How to set up an International Management game

    Ok, ignore my last post - I somehow managed to load some custom leagues so the number of regens is probably not going to be an issue. One question I have though, is about the quality of regens. The problem with Asian club tournaments is that there are three tiers of continental competition and the clubs from smaller countries are stuck on the bottom tier low-rep continental competition with no actual way of qualifying for the better ones. This means that if I load a lowly-ranked country, teams from their league are probably not going to be able to gain too much reputation. So my question is: what is the quality of regens pegged to? If my domestic league has crappy reputation but I somehow manage to get the national side to rise up the rankings, will the quality of regens from my country increase?
  7. How to set up an International Management game

    I've never tried loading custom databases - that did the trick, thanks! One more question - if I'm managing an obscureish team with only default leagues loaded, will I have enough regens in the coming years to have a decent game going? And will I need to load other top leagues if I want the other national teams to have a realistic number of regens every year? I guess what I'm asking is, if I'm playing a purely international game with a relatively obscure team, what leagues would ensure a decent experience (balanced national teams, good number of regens, etc.) without killing the computer?
  8. Working a 3 man midfield with LFC....

    Did you happen to recently read an article on why AVB would be a success with Liverpool? Anyways, I'm using something very similar with my Liverpool save. If it's recycling possession you want (and a high-pressing game), I'd stick Lucas in the DMC slot and make him a DMC (support). The reason for this is that a ball-winning midfielder closes down way too much even on a defend duty and he'll never be where you want him to be to recycle possession. Also, there's no such thing as a box-to-box midfielder on attack duty - B2B is only available with a support duty. My personal advice? Henderson's passing and technique are already pretty good - focus his training on dribbling and quickness so that in the absence of a good passing option he can run at defences himself. Two years into my game and he's an absolute beast in an advanced playmaker role next to Gerrard as a box-to-box (support). Carroll as a target man makes sense on paper, but the game doesn't handle target men very well IMO - I had far better success with Suarez playing as a trequartista upfront with another inside-forward cutting in from the right. Last bit of advice - Downing has hilariously bad flair. If all you want is him stretching the play and sending in nice crosses from wide, set him to a support duty. Hope some of that will be useful!
  9. Hi everyone, I've been playing for some years now so this is probably a stupid question, but I've never tried my hand at international management before so I hope you guys will humor me. I'm thinking of starting a game as manager of an Asian international side - preferably minnows (I have a soft spot for Taiwan and the Philippines). But at the beginning, when I set up a game, some national sides don't show up as options to manage. My guess is that they are too low-ranked and don't have enough real players to fill the squads, but this is with all the default Asian leagues loaded and a large database! Is there any way (short of adding a database with extra leagues - and I'd rather not resort to that because I'm pants with editing) to get enough players to manage a smaller international team? Also, why is it that some even lower-ranked teams (like the Solomon/Cook Islands) have a full complement of players to choose from and are playable while Asian teams like Taiwan/Philippines/certain middle-eastern countries aren't playable and full of greyed-out players? Any advice is welcome.
  10. Cannibals Headhunting Batman in the Rainforest

    Just splitting hairs here, but Batman is not actually a popular name in that region (though you might have seen a semi-viral picture of a guy named Batman) - on the other hand, 'Suparman' is very common Nice read!
  11. Maybe the veterans are right after all

    Nowait, all the stuff in the first paragraph is what I sometimes think... but look at the three screenshots: the first one shows my team coming back from two goals down to win after a penalty in the final minute of injury time. The second shows me scoring with all three of my shots (all CCC). The third was an unexpected win due to observing the full highlights and tweaking accordingly. So I'm conceding my conspiracy theorying ways
  12. Ahem, my name is Gyoza Gombastique, and I'm an FM conspiracy theorist. Results are scripted, the AI is way better at finishing, the game gives you injuries if it thinks you're doing too well, (insert everything else you've heard here). BUT, I'd like to share 3 results that happened within a couple of months of each other. I used to think crazy comebacks and last-minute goals were the domain of the AI. Then: Shortly afterward... Then I reached the penultimate game of the season: a home game against 4th-placed Southend (we were two points clear of them in 2nd). Win, and we would be guaranteed promotion. Lose, and it'd be out of our hands. We were in the middle of a mini-slump - our last 5 home games (against midtable sides and relegation fodder) read DWXLD. To make matters worse, they were lining up in a 4-1-2-2-1: the natural enemy of my preferred 4-2-3-1. So I decided to do something I'd never done - watch the full match and make plenty of little tweaks over the course of the game. Didn't play spectacularly, but I totally out-chessed them. Maybe the SI apologists have a point! Not posting this to brag (okay, fine, just a little!) but I consider myself to be kinda pants at tactics so a bit of encouragement to everyone who's frustrated with the game or thinks it cheats
  13. Are you doing a 4-2-3-1 deep with two DMCs or a regular 4-2-3-1? If, like I suspect, you're doing a regular 4-2-3-1, then the midfield is likely congested and your DLP will usually be forced into playing simple lateral and backpasses - he will attempt throughballs but many will be cut out. If you think he's good enough to spot a killer ball in a congested midfield then you can try to play a slightly higher tempo and wider width (and maybe more creative freedom) so he doesn't always pick the simpler options for a pass. If, as TwinsFan86 said, you're happy with the role he's playing then you can ignore the ratings. I use a 4-2-3-1 and my DLP has an average rating of around 6.93, but has the highest pass% in the league and I'm happy with what he's doing, so I'm not changing anything.
  14. When I watch a game in full or extended highlights, often there are long stretches when a player who has picked up a knock lies down, the physio strolls onto the pitch, and they both walk off with all the pace of someone with a testicular injury - am hoping for an option to skip these long sequences.
  15. If a player can consistently hit the woodwork with rushed shots, he must have fantastic technique Worth a try though! Sometimes it's just bad luck - has this been going on all throughout the season? I went through a patch of around 5 games in a row where we hit the woodwork (we hit it 4 times in one game alone), and after that we started finishing again without me changing anything. Hard to say...