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  1. FMH 2011 Support & FAQ

    Hey, this is such a noble cause to create such a thread for the support as well as the FAQ. I also had many doubts and I could clear everything from here. I wills surely tell about this to my friends who are also in searching for solutions to their issues.
  2. Hey, it was fun going through all the names. I went through the player profile as well. I hope I could do such things. Actually I am very busy now. When I get free, then definitely I will have a great time here. I can’t just stop reading the comments by others.
  3. Hey I also have the same suggestion to make regarding the game. I am a great fan of this game. But this there are certain things as mentioned above didn’t go so well with me. I am just giving my feedback. Indeed I can never say that I don’t like it because I am just a die hard fan of this game.